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BB2016 Rules available on FUMBBL

Discussion in 'FUMBBL' started by Loucyber, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Loucyber

    Loucyber Member

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    Thought this might be of interest especially for the tabletop players.

    FUMBBL has shifted to the newest set of rules as used in the new tabletop version.
    Which means PileOn has vanished (existing players got Juggs instead of it). Also the financial setup has changed according to the rules. Plus the MVP rulings have altered (the MVP gets elected randomly out of 3 candidates the coach proposes)

    So for all the Clawpomb-moaners there is a viable alternative to play Bloodbowl. It´s probably too early to assess the changes in gameplay (at least I´m not good or experienced enough to do so), but so far I like the changes.

    It is harder to go for a killer team, which is not too bad. On the other hand, teambuilding gets much easier especially for the strength teams with the new MVP ruling, as it is much easier now to get that first Block skill on all the black orcs, warriors etc..

    Any other opinions?