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Orc Skills for TV1100 Orc team

Discussion in 'NAF Resurrection Tournament Tactics' started by Varen, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Varen

    Varen New Member

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    Hello, im new in tabletop blood bowl. Soon i will play my first resurection tournament with orc team and i need pro help with skills :) . I will use pure orc team, no gobbos or troll . I can take 6 normal skills on 1100TV team.

    I was thinking:
    4 x Black Orc with guard
    1 x Blizer with Tackle
    1 x Blizer with sure hands

    2 x Blizer
    5 x Lino
    3 rerolls
    3 FF

    Other options i consider:
    block instead of guard on 1-4 Black Orc
    Thrower with block in place of lino (no SH on blizer then)
    Maby some frenzy or MB?

    What you are thinking about that?
  2. sbr32

    sbr32 Well-Known Member

    US West Coast (GMT-8)
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    I am by no means an Orc expert, but I would probably:

    Block on 2 of the Black Orcs and Guard on other 2

    Trade a Lineman and 2FF for a Thrower; if you can take Block on more than 2 pieces I guess I would take it on the Thrower too. Dropping a RR and going Leader on the Thrower to buy an extra Lineman wouldn't be bad either

    Keep Tackle on 1 Blitzer
  3. 20phoenix

    20phoenix Well-Known Member

    Cardiff (GMT+1)
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    I'd put guard on two of the blitzers and block two of the black orcs rather than having four guard black orcs. (One guard, one block black orc if you feel you want the extra guard). The reason I prefer it on blitzers is mobility. AG3 dodging and the extra movement to get a guard where you want it is gold. Leaving the thrower out is fine, you lose a block piece but gain an AV.
  4. cjblackburn

    cjblackburn Courier Staff

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    Most top Orc Tournament teams have a Troll but without access to a double it's less good. If you plan on sticking with Orcs long term look at getting a Troll.

    I would also spread your Guard out and a Block Black Orc is great. I would also check what the bonus point situation is for your Tournament. At my local one they have bonus points for surfs in some rounds so Frenzy becomes handy. If you need Cas than a MB will help.

    If you have 13 AV9 players you will be able to foul early and often.