A Sneaky Pair

This skill is a Special Rule that is only available to specific Star Players. Please visit this page to find a list of current Blood Bowl Star Players.

A Sneaky Pair

Dribl & Drull must be hired as a pair and count as two Star Players. Additionally, whenever Dribl or Drull perform either a Stab or Foul action against an opposition player marked by both Dribl & Drull, they may apply a +1 modifier to the injury roll.

A Sneaky Pair is to date a unique skill in that it requires two specific players working in tandem to get it’s benefit. Thankfully most of the injury modifiers got removed from the game a long time ago, though the current rules have shown again how devastating +2 on an injury roll can be.

You’ve got the option of either doing a gang foul with both of them assisting. You should ideally have enough players to make breaking armour quite likely and then you can combine this with Dribl’s Dirty Player (+1) to get +2 on the injury roll.

Alternatively you can use Stab against some low armoured players, preferably ones who don’t have Block to hit you back with. Whilst not as likely to cause an injury it doesn’t carry the risk of being sent off.

I can mostly see these two being most effective against higher value Elf teams. Elf teams tend to have higher team values which may give you the inducement money to hire these two. The Side Step comes in handy when defending against Elves and their armour tends to be lower which gives A Sneaky Pair more of a threat.

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