Coach AvatarHi, I’m Coach and I’ve been playing Blood Bowl for a long time. With the release of the computer game I can foresee a revival of interest in the game. Perhaps with new coaches joining who haven’t played before, as well as older coaches who haven’t played the game for a number of years. For both sets of coaches they may be somewhat unfamiliar with the rules, either due to them being new to them completely, or having to adjust from the old ones they used to play.

Whilst Blood Bowl is perhaps quite complex as far as board games go, learning the basic rules and how to actually play can be picked up fairly quickly. It helps that the rulebook is available to download for free online as well. This can make introducing the game to new coaches fairly cheap as far as hobbies go. There is the ability to play the game online for free using one of the Java based clients and over the last few years a lot of new coaches were introduced to the game this way as well. If you do want to join in playing with friends who have the table top game, you only need a maximum of 16 players for a team as well, making it far more accessible and portable compared to the larger miniature games around.

As the rules have evolved over the years though, into the most current polished rule set yet, it has got better with each iteration. There are still those who prefer to play the older rules and there are pockets of these players all playing various editions, perhaps even with their own house rules as well. The official rule set though has had input from the Blood Bowl playing community though, rather than being changed by game developers who doesn’t really play it that often. This has resulted into the current version of the rules and is widely regarded as the best.

One thing all these iterations of rules over the years though has led to a lot of information regarding tactics and strategy somewhat mixed. There is quite a lot of information out on the net at the moment though apart from forums discussing the latest rules, you will find a lot of it is out of date. While perhaps quite a bit of it will still apply and can even be used to the same success, there was a gap there for one dedicated go to place for current and up to date tactics.

Blood Bowl Tactics Website

I wanted to create that site which filled that gap and gave coaches a great place to go and get the latest ideas on successful game play. However I also wanted to delve a bit deeper than other resources had gone before. Reading the various forums a lot of questions get asked over and over again as well. I planned to provide a place to point coaches new and old to, in order to get a grasp on how to not only play their chosen races, but also understand what their opposing races were trying to accomplish on the pitch. Eventually on here you will find a full descriptive break down on every individual player, every skill, the inducements, initial starting rosters, offensive and defensive set ups, team building, in game tactic and strategies and a few other resources as well.


Now obviously this is going to take some work to achieve as there is a lot of information to break down and write up. Within that there may some room for improvement and if you have any ideas or comments on any information provided, then I encourage you to comment and I can get articles updated. Also due to the wealth of information if anyone feels they can write a good guide on any of the races and wants to contribute then please feel free to send it in. I can’t guarantee I will use it though and there is a high chance I will rewrite anything sent in. This is to avoid duplicate content from elsewhere (please only submit things you have written yourself) and to keep the formatting consistent across the site. I may also want to add extra input into any submissions as well.

Any submissions will be provided with credit if they are used though, so please send in a small bio (no more than five lines please) and a link to an avatar or picture of yourself (preferably no larger than 80px x 80px). See the entry on Black Orcs for an example of what I mean. Please use the contact form to get in touch!

Player Portrait Pictures:

The player portrait pictures found on the player articles are used with permission, drawn by Knut_Rockie and coloured by ryanfitz.

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