Amazon Teams

Long ago, driven by a desire for adventure, the Valkyries of the Norse settlement in Lustria sailed away from their men-folk and founded a colony deep within the estuary of the river Amaxon. Now these ferocious warriors have taken to the Blood Bowl pitch – and Nuffle save those who dare play against them!

Amazon Team Roster 2022

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-16Eagle Warrior Linewomen50k633+4+8+DodgeGAS
0-2Python Warrior Throwers80k633+3+8+Dodge, On The Ball, Pass, Safe PassGPAS
0-2Piranha Warrior Blitzers90k733+5+8+Dodge, Hit and Run, Jump UpAGS
0-2Jaguar Warrior Blockers110k643+5+9+Defensive, DodgeGSA
0-8ReRolls60kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesLustrian Superleague

Amazon Team Overview:

Amazon teams got a makeover in September 2022 with both some expected and unexpected changes. The biggest of which was that there was speculation that they would lose having Dodge on every player, though that didn’t happen. Having Dodge on every player is a great strength at lower team values (with the exception of in matches against Dwarf and Chaos Dwarf teams who can negate it with lots of Tackle players). Don’t be fooled into thinking that this makes Amazons an agile team like the release article suggests. Whilst Dodge can help manoeuvre your players, the primary benefit for an average agility team like Amazons is that it makes them harder to knock over.

The biggest change up is that the team has lost two of it’s four Blitzers and that they don’t start with Block, or primary access to strength skills. It was previously very easy to get four Block + Dodge + Guard players which was tricky to deal with. To make up for this loss, the Blitzers are now faster and have gained a new skill called Hit and Run. Amazon teams also now have access to two higher strength Blockers, that are both fast and agile for a strength four player.

Amazon teams are still quite fragile and will find it harder to go toe to toe as much as they previously could. The Throwers are better but the team has also lost it’s Catchers, they were always a run first team but the new roster and starting skills pushes you more towards that than before.

For beginner players I think they will be a bit trickier to use than before, especially if you are going to be facing either of the Dwarven teams. You don’t have Block players to start, the Blockers are more expensive than the old Blitzers and the reroll prices have gone up. They aren’t going to be as strong as they were out of the gate and I’m not sure the changes will help much at higher team values where they were weaker. For shorter redraft tabletop leagues they should still be viable in the right hands, just don’t be mistaken that they are a super agile team dodging all over the place!

Amazon Team Strengths:

  • Everyone has Dodge
  • Good value Linemen
  • Hard to knock over

Amazon Team Weaknesses:

  • Low armour
  • Average Stats
  • No Block and few ball handling skills

35 thoughts on “Amazon Teams”

  1. I’ve always felt Amazons need something added to them. On paper and the board, I’ve found them to be one of the least effective teams.
    I’d really like an experienced Amazon coach to add some thoughts if there is one, I’m not sure what to do with them to get the best of them.

    My issues:
    -Though they all have dodge, none of them have agi 4. Not even the catchers. This means that principally the dodge just keeps them alive slightly more in early leagues (no tackle), rather than really dramatically increasing maneouvreablitiy or giving them a unique play-style.
    -Their movement is ridiculously low for a team that really only has agility going for it. They are comprehensively the slowest low armour team and are slower than NORMAL HUMANS who have considerably better survivability. Which is incomprehensible to me.
    -Each of their players can be compared unfavourably with the normal human team….without considering the humans getting a big guy and two extra catchers. And I mean seriously unfavourably:
    Thrower trades reduced armour and sure hands for dodge
    Blitzer trades a movement and an armour value for dodge
    Catcher breaks the closest to even, trading only 2 movement for one strength, most would consider this, particularly for the position and role, a fairly poor trade. And you only get two of them anyway.

    and for these trade-offs, they seem to gain…nothing. They have no unique positional players to lend flavour or unusual potential tactics, no particular strength and yet have more of the weaknesses that plague an elf team than even the elves themselves.

    Their only saving grace is how cheap they are, which allows them to at least attempt to be competitive in an early or short league.
    Unfortunately in any league that goes on more than a few games they, in my experience, rapidly find themselves decimated by teams that simply have access to better players.

    As an example, after one level up a high elf blitzer will have a 30K higher team value than a Basic amazon blitzer but will have the same skills plus one more movement, agility and armour… If the amazon blitzer gains +1AG that would leave them at the same team value and 1MA and 1AV behind…

    You can do the same example with all of their players.

    Now, if they had a unique player class, perhaps a warrior princess (if thats not too cliche’d) who could give the team some punch or possibly some staying power…or hell even some agility…
    Then I could see them being at least serviceable. But as they currently stand I’m yet to see a decent amazon team.

    • I agree with lots of your points to be honest. Dodge is a great skill to have, especially early on and especially as you’re getting it across the board but psychologically I find myself put off by the knowledge that the longer I run my amazon team, the less useful it’s going to be.

      Any experienced coach begins to quickly put some tackle and mighty blow on one of his blitzers pretty early on to counter surges from gutter runners and the like. These players can really grind down an amazon team.

      Forgetting the way the team plays, what bothers me most is how the team seems to be gathering dust. When I first saw the amazon and norse rosters a while back – maybe when they first introduced, I’m not sure – they were very similar. Both where 6 3 3 7 teams with four positional players. Amazons had dodge and Norse had block.

      The Norse roster now is totally different. They have a unique big guy, some move 7 players, some str 4 players. It feels like the amazon team was just ignored.

      I personally think that the amazon’s could do with a few revisions. Nothing major, but perhaps the addition of a catcher copied and pasted out of the human roster, giving the team a bit more attacking threat. Why not give the Amazons an Ogress Big Guy being exactly the same as an ogre?

      Anyhow to put my money where my mouth is I quickly knocked this up as a starting point for what I think an amazon roster could include and would be interested to hear any opinions on it:

      0-16 Linewomen 6 3 3 7 Dodge 50,000 GA
      0-2 Throwers 6 3 3 7 Dodge, Pass 70,000 GAP
      0-2 Catchers 8 2 3 7 Dodge, Catch 70,000 GA
      0-4 Blitzers 6 3 3 7 Dodge, Block 90,000 GS
      0-2 High Priestess 7 3 3 7 Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up 100,000 GA
      0-1 Ogress 5 5 2 9 ( normal Ogre Skills) 140,000 S

      Re-rolls would be 60,000gp

      I tired not to deviate too much from the existing roster but felt that the amazon team should have access to agility skills more freely like an elf team does so I gave the linewoman and thrower access to agility skills.

      I also wanted them to have access to more pace, I see them (cinematically at least) as a fast and agile team so I included a human catcher in the listing just copied and pasted from the human roster. I think this gives them a real td threat.

      The thrower and blitzer are unchanged however whether the blitzer should still have access to strength skills on a normal roll is highly debatable now.

      I thought I’d add a specialist player who is based on a dark elf witch elf. This was the hardest to gauge. Norse have a 6 3 3 7 player with block, frenzy and jump up for 90k and the witch elf is 7 3 4 7 with dodge frenzy jump up for 110k so I felt 100k was right for the high priestess.

      Lastly I added a big guy and thought that an ogress was the least controversial choice and just lifted it from the human roster.

      Because there is now a more complex team set up I moved re-rolls to 60k inline with the norse roster.

      Like i say, just a bit of fun. What do people think? Too powerful or does it keep them up with the norse roster?

    • Amazon’s need a secret weapon like the dwarfs but one that isn’t a big guy I use a nuffle alter in the ps4 version and purchase Helmut the chainsaw as much as possible it makes my team 100000000 x times better for 60k

  2. Amazons are one of the best teams, especially early on (though they lose some benefits against the two Dwarven teams). It sounds like you are probably not utilising them correctly. They are very much a bashing team and not an agility team, all the Dodge makes them hard to knock over. Blitzers with Block, Dodge, Guard and Stand Firm are a big pain for opposing teams. It is hard to knock their players over and with cheap players and rerolls they don’t often get out numbered. This will obviously be expanded on in the specific articles. Even against Dwarf teams though Amazons hold their own, if you are playing them trying to pass the ball around and doing lots of Dodging, this isn’t the way to play them, they aren’t Elves!

  3. It’s subtle, but they’re one of the best teams if you know what to expect out of them.  Other than Amazons, there are only 3 players in the whole game that start with strength 3 and dodge: Ghoul, Wardancer, and Witch Elf.  Ghouls tend to die a lot, because they have no Apoth and no Regen and are big targets.  Wardancers and Witch Elves are very expensive.
    With one normal skill roll, all your linemen become Block/Dodge players for 70k of value – you can’t beat that deal.  And the blitzer is mainly paying for strength access in their cost – so you really can’t do a straight comparison to other positionals.  The only players who can get Block/Dodge/Guard/Standfirm on normal rolls is a Vampire.  Basically, across the board, the team is starting with the most coveted skill for non-agility players – one that is always a top candidate for double rolls.

  4. I concede the point on the block/dodge combo on lineswomen, but I still have yet to see one played in a higher level league (which obviously doesnt stop them performing in tournaments etc)  above about 16-1700 team rating they seem (in my experience) to fall apart.

  5. Bear in mind as well, that you can quickly create players who are not only hard to knock down, but that can also escape the oppositions grasp perfectly, A linewoman with Dodge, Side Step, Fend and Block or Wrestle causes hell if the opponent needs her down. A few players with these skill quickly turn into great scorers.

  6. I’m about 10 games into a league with an Amazon team. Although the Amazons lack a player who is a great scoring threat their team is low cost. This gives an advantage in a league situation in terms of inducements. I’ve played games where my team was at a higher stage of development but my opponent’s less developed team didn’t get inducements or could perhaps only induce a babe. I’ve also played teams who are only slightly more developed than my Amazon team, but I’ve been able to induce Roxanna Darknail. I’ve found Roxanna to be a great a star player for the Amazons as she has what the Amazons lack ie pace and agility, and she also has frenzy which opens up crowd surf possibilities.

  7. one strategy with amazons is to not bother with blitzers at all, instead starting with around 5 rerolls to make those tricky blocks and skilling up everyone as Dodge/Blocker at first pick.  This also can keep your team value artificially low, giving you inducements when you probably shouldn’t.

    • Starting with No blitzers is a bad Idea. Getting 4 Guard as early as possible is key to mid development into the mid higher ranges (1500-1800). If a Blitzer dies.. its a one skill replacement to get what your team really needs from the position at that level (Guard).

      Zons are an Awesome team. In an endless league you will develop around the 1300-1500 TV ranges for a longer period than most other teams… you will need all the skills and SPP you can muster at higher TVs.

  8. “Each of their players can be compared unfavourably with the normal human team…”
    I would almost say the exact opposite.
    The Lineman trades +1 Av for Dodge, a trade I would make any day of the week.
    Thrower trades Sure Hands and +1AV for Dodge, again a trade I would make any day of the week as Sure Hands can be gotten with a Normal roll, Dodge is only on a double and Dodge is even more vital as they are usually the ones holding the ball (i.e. ones you do not want knocked over or being stuck to a guy).
    +1 Str vs +2 Mv on a catcher is more down to taste IMO but personally I’d rather have the +1 Str.  +2 Mv does not make it a sure thing that you will get far enough away not to get hit but +1 Str generally assures that they are getting a 1 dice block against you (unless they double up…  And if they do, well good luck to them stopping your march down the field).  Even better vs teams with Str 2 players like goblins/skinks who are good at covering humans but just get knocked over by amazons.
    Blitzers are almost the same thing as catchers to me, a matter of taste.  +1 Mv and +1 AV vs Dodge.  Depending on how you value those points it’s not at all hard to say either could come out ahead.
    Which just leaves us with the Ogre.  Don’t get me wrong I take an Ogre on every human team I field but at the same time I don’t think the lack of one is horrible either, especially given what is IMO a better general team defensively.  Ogres deal with Bone-Head, lack of block, lack of mobility (until the get break tackle) and a hefty price tag.  Again I don’t thinkt hey aren’t worth the cost but I also don’t think the lack of one is a problem (other then lacking options is just generally worse then having options).

  9. Well, I played my first game of blood bowl as an Amazon team against my friend, who used a Dwarf team. Suffice to say, my team was pretty much destroyed. My dodge skill didn’t work against his team, meaning that I got knocked over a tremendous amount from his blocking dwarves. While he never lost a unit except for fowling me once, my AV of 7 meant that more than half of my units either got knocked out, or injured at some point in the game. All of the average scores on every player meant that I wasn’t good at anything, even trying a pass from my thrower to my catcher resulted in failure more than once.
    From my game the amazon team is a team that’s good at nothing. If anyone can tell me exactly how the amazon team can be a basher team against the Dwarves, I’d really like to know.

    • I just finished playing Amazons against Dwarves–both teams with TVs under 1000– and won.

      I never use Throwers or Catchers. I hand off reasonably often, but don’t pass unless I absolutely have to.

      Remember that not all the Dwarves have Tackle, only the Long Beards.

      I wouldn’t try to out-bash Dwarves, because of their higher armor.

      Instead, use your greater speed. When attacking, you can shift your players left or right more quickly than the Dwarves can. When defending, you want to try to fall back slowly. Don’t go forward to meet them unless you’re going to be able to push all of them back.

      Remember that you can still dodge successfully 2/3 of the time, or 8/9 with a reroll.

      Once the Dwarves get developed there’s not much Amazons can do against them, but at low TVs you have much more of a chance.

  10. “From my game the amazon team is a team that’s good at nothing. If anyone can tell me exactly how the amazon team can be a basher team against the Dwarves, I’d really like to know.”
    Dwarves are the kryptonite of the Amazon team – so much tackle you cant rely on dodge which is the Amazons best defence.
    If your team is developed you can reduce the damage the dwarves can do with Wrestle instead of Block (their little stubby legs will slow them down more than you)  and fend (a skill any av7 heavy team should be picking up) – These 2 skills can make Linewomen a really big pain for any bashy team

  11. Yeah, it probably wasn’t the best thing to have your first game of BB with Amazon against Dwarfs! That said, I once beat up a dwarf team with ‘Zons so bad he conceded on his 7th turn!

  12. Been playing BB for the pass 10 years and i think BoBliness right on most counts. I do agree with Coach that amazon is a bashy team. “Amazons are one of the best teams, especially early on (though they lose some benefits against the two Dwarven teams).” With MA 6 and AG3 , anybody that plays a running game with amazon is wasting their time.
    Well to be honest though, they are only good at early games, late/mid games wise i have fought several amazon teams with my chaos and orc teams and i realise they get wipe out pretty easily. TV around 1.6-1.9k when most of my team have some tackles and MB btw them, and with a mino holding them down with tentacles and block, Amazons dies like cheap flies. Also i realise that amazon team have big problem against a team with several high str and block(chaos/orc).
    Good thing is they are easily replaceble but yeah if u are starting an amazon team then u should consider losing alot players in mid-late games. That is how most of the players survive in my league. People can say that they are one of the strongest team in early games, but well unless ur playing a mini league with just a couple of players then be prepared to replace your players alot unless ur league doesnt have players like me 🙂

  13. I think Amazons are a srong team, and there catchers and blitzers are some of the best in the game. Unfortunately, they get devestated by certain matchups. Dwarves vs. Amazons usually ends in amazons getting crushed like a beer can against a jock’s forehead. Really any team that has picked up 4 or more tacklers has a strong edge on amazons.

    This is why I don’t like Tackle. Making skills that nerf other peoples skills is just crap in my opinion. I really feel like its a shame that the game developers haven’t addressed the Dawrf/amazon problem. Its just poor game balance to have one team so severely outgunned by another.

  14. When talking about whether one teams players are better than another, two things have to be taken into account. First, if the team is cheaper overall than another team, then you can’t compare a player from the more expensive team with one skill, versus a player from the less expensive team with one skill. This is because its highly unlikely that the expensive team was able to start with its full roster of position players. With Dark Elves, for example, it’s not unusual to have to start with no more than 1 Blitzer, and to not have all 4 available for some time. Or alternately, if decide to get Blitzers, to not be able to start with the all important Witch Elves. As a result, your position players are likely to be playing catch up versus the position players from a cheaper team. Secondly, you have to keep in mind that for the most part a team is happy to have a player as a role player. No other team has players as well rounded as the Elves, but comparing how well rounded a player is against another player doesn’t give us the more important perspective of how well rounded the team is compared to another team. Seriously, the Skaven are NOT strictly inferior to the Wood Elves. What the Amazon has that many teams do not, is the ability to be pretty well rounded right from the start. The Amazon team in the long run isn’t really interested in AG4 Blitzers, because it has plenty of choices for ball handlers and really a team only needs a couple ball handlers. What the Amazon Team has that the Elves do not is immediate access to important strength skills like Mighty Blow and Gaurd that Elves must rely on getting on doubles.

    Amazon teams have some of the highest win percentages of tracked teams but can be tricky to play. I don’t agree that this is a good newb team. In my experience, their defence is solid. They don’t go down easily and can create separation easily. With Blizters utlizing Gaurd+Dodge, they can pick and win their battles and form lines that opponents will find very difficult to break. You’ll often get 4-5 Pows for every one your opponent gets as the opponent will try to mark you to force dodges and push you back, which more than makes up the difference in your low AV. If they have’t invested at least some in Tackle, they will be very frustrated. While they don’t take advantage of turnovers as well as Skaven or Elves, they have decent ball mobility and can usually get their position player on to a loose ball.

    Offense though is harder. Lacking either strength or speed, you’ll have difficulty driving with the ball. Like speed teams, your cage will get crushed within 3-4 turns, but unlike speed teams you need those 3rd and 4th turns to drive deeply enough to be in scoring position. More so than any other team I’ve played, I find the Amazon rely on a short passing game to advance the ball near the end of a drive and often as not, I’m throwing with the Amazon team while on the defense’s half of the pitch. I don’t do that regularly with any other team, but with the Amazon’s it happens often enough that you must consider it a designed play and prepare for the option. This means your catchers probably need Nerves of Steel and your Thrower demands Accurate even though you aren’t really a passing team.

    Amazon have favorable matchups with low skill teams, including in my opinion undead, most elf and most high strength bashing teams like Chaos. They have unfavorable matchups with high skill teams like obviously Dwarf, but less obviously their Norse counterparts (and other Amazons!) because high skill blockers can more easily afford to take Tackle as second or even first skill. This is one of the more extreme matchup problems in bloodbowl, but hardly the only one. Low AV elf teams like Pro and Wooed also don’t look forward to playing against Dwarves, and indeed many strong teams have their worst matchup against Dwarves. And some matchup problems are less obvious. Orcs for example are one of the best teams in the game, but have a less than obvious but real matchup problem with Halflings which is one of the worst teams. It’s not enough that Halflings are actually favored assuming equally skilled coaches but its enough that you’d expected out of 10 games halflings to win 1 more than they would against other teams.

    If the Amazon need anything, and I’m not sure that its clear that they do, its access to a big guy. Like the Skaven, at higher TR’s it can feel like you really need an overly lucky break to stop a well run cage. At some point for the Skaven it becomes necessary to bring in a Rat Ogre specificly for putting pressure on a cage. However, Amazon’s already have favorable win percentages against many of the top teams and a big guy probably wouldn’t help in the matchup that is the hardest for them.

  15. Well I stand at 15 wins 3 draws 0 losses as an amazon coach so I am not going to knock them in any way I believe they are the best in the game.

    • I agree… in fact, I think they are quite an imbalanced team, to be honest.

      It’s true that they have (or CAN have) a very unhappy time against Dwarves, but that’s about the only way things get balanced out (that and the fact that they have no high-strength players. But pick up Morg n Thorg, and watch out!)

      Having said that, I have played only 4 games against dwarves — 2 of those were very skilled players, and I had 1 win (against a rather skilled player playing Chaos Dwarves), 2 draws (against mediocre players), and a loss… gee, I went up against a 2080 pt. Dwarf team (minimum player level 4 — several LVL 6) with my 1660 pt. Amazon team (10k shy of affording Morg n Thorg, too!)

      It wasn’t pretty. I was happy to make it to the end of the game with no deaths or long-term injuries.

      Other than that, I’ve won the vast majority of my games, completely obliterating chaos, goblins, orcs, humans, and dark elves. The only teams (other than dwarves) that have posed some trouble have been high-strength bruisers that are hard to injure: Lizardmen and Khemri

  16. While I haven’t played an amazon team, I have played against them plenty of times. To draw them as one of my first match ups in league play is really annoying unless I am playing a dwarf team. With the right skill combo they can be a frustrating team to play against. Something I haven’t seen mentioned here is the strip ball skill on amazon teams, that used in combo with block and dodge can negate the need to break cages, dodge in, throw a block, get at least a push result and the ball is free. If they have their ball handler standing by then all of the sudden they can cage and head the other direction.

    That being said if I have a high speed team like Skaven and I run up against an amazon team I just out speed them. Form enough of a cage to protect the thrower, get him lose for a single turn(which isn’t as hard as it sounds if you cage/block correctly) and throw the ball to most open of my Gutter Runners, all of who normally get catch as their first skill. At that point its just the matter of outrunning everyone, and you can easily outrun amazons with Skaven.

    That being said, dodge is a great skill and having everyone start with dodge is simply amazing. It can come in real handy getting you out of tight jam, if someone can get an AG upgrade they could turn into a real threat on amazon.

  17. I’ve Played close to 300 games with Amazons in Cyanides endless leagues (Nag and Auld).

    They are one of my favorite teams. And very well suited to BB at any level. However, skilling them to be suited at higher TV’s (1700+) takes ALOT of time. You will need a lot of Level 4 and 5 and even a few 6 players to compete at that level.

    They are very much a outside the box team.. in that all their players usually can be hybrids to do the functions uncharacteristic to their positions on other teams. (Ball hawking Linewomen for example).

    The two most difficult teams to face are without a doubt the dwarves’ teams. This is because of Guard and Tackle on nearly every player. Dodging a few players to provide tackle zone safety for a breakaway ball carrier at some point in an Amazon advance is critical. I cannot think of another team that is affected as adversely against an opponent as Amazons are to Dwarves. Chaos Dwarves are a better matchup.. still a challenge.. but dwarves are just down right nasty to the Women of Blood Bowl.

    At High TV ClawPOMB is really only is felt with tackle… by the time you reach 1700+ TV you should have a full roster of about 14-15 players, only 1-2 of them being rookies, and you should be used to how often you replace players from all the games you’ve played to reach higher TV’s. The good news is… all your players are cheap.. and all are only one skill away (block or wrestle -or in the case of your Blitzer’s- Guard) from being able to step into a full roster at high TV and contribute significantly. All inducements should be spent on Apocrathies or KO Brewbabes– you cant have 2-3 players differentials and be successful very easily.

    Further… who are the stars on the Amazon teams? Who should an opponent aim to injure to dismantle the team? Is it the Linewoman with Leader? The Catcher with Fend? The Thrower with Mighty Blow or the other with strong arm? Perhaps the Blitzer’s?–It’s difficult to say.. since all players can be cheaply replaced and contribute at close to their maximum potential with only one skill up.

    Finally– Amazons are a great team for cross over coaches fairly new to the game— Block oriented coaches looking to explore the Agility play style.. or.. Elf coaches who want to venture into the blocking game more. I’d recommend them to any coach of the game.. even if solely to get the broadest of view to the two different play styles of the game- Block and Agility. Amazons can be legitimately asked to do anything at any given point of the game… although.. they may do a lot of the things you ask of them meteorically in comparison to other teams… so you would only ask them to do them in a pinch… but then again… this IS Bloodbowl… if you don’t experience a *pinch* situation at some point during a match or a drive.. or even every turn… Kudos to you. =)

  18. Now I read some comments above, and I would definetly agree that the amazons seem to be lack starting variety and fall off at the end. And that therefore a “big guy” would solve these problems.

    I would add to that that Amazons are fine as they are as a middle-tier beginner-friendly team, and that buffing them directly might bump them up too much.

    Now we can give them just a general str5 big stupid guy (big bertha), or we can make things more interesting with either :


    -agi5 huntress with some cool abilities.

    -team captain with dodge, leader, guard and/or maybe skill like : fend, kick, strip ball, sidestep

    Ofcourse I will leave the gold pricing to your own imagination. And yes, I am a dreamer 🙂

  19. Joking aside I think the overwhelming problem with any team with AV7 in the long run is the relative ease with which you’ll pick up injuries. A player with mighty blow will break the armour of an Amazon 58% of the time.

    With some of the elven teams they have a greater attacking threat to mitigate this and a higher AG which makes them capable of scoring some unfeasible touchdowns, but Amazon’s still feel a little flat to me, a bashy team that can be ground down a little too easily. On the other hand Amazon’s are pretty cheap so you can replace them and they do generally do very well in the early seasons of a new league but tend to fade into the mid table as the season’s roll by.

    I recently observed a game where the hapless Amazon coach didn’t do anything that bad tactically, but ended up with one player left on the pitch by the end of the game. A tough first half saw some injuries leaving him lining up with only ten players in the second half and in the second half every block his opponent threw was golden and he just couldn’t stop rolling great armour and injury rolls.

    A think a big guy (girl?) would offer the Amazon’s something when lining up against the more bash teams, akin some pressure of the line women.

  20. I started playing Blood Bowl over a decade ago and amazons were my first time. I placed well in that first season, but it took me years to figure out why. Amazons look simple on paper and the “dodge” mechanic doesn’t really have to be “used right” in order to be helpful, so a beginning player will probably do better with Amazons than they would with most other teams. (if you’re new, you don’t have to use dodge “right”, but using it wrong is still a trap. don’t dodge if you don’t need to.)

    I think some of the resistance against amazons comes because they’re recommended for new players, but their strengths aren’t really written in the rulebook like it seems to be for some teams. The strength of the Amazon team is not that it has players with dodge.. it’s that the whole team has dodge across the board. One Amazon is difficult to knock down, a whole team of amazons is impossible to knock down (until the snowball effect is included). Having 4 or 5 blodgers on a team is annoying. Having a whole team of blodgers is insane. As time goes on, when you get an amazon team that has blodge across the board, probably some guard, maybe a dauntless or two.. This team doesn’t need a big gal or a fast ball runner.. this team is awesome on it’s own. Gang your girls up to get the two die blocks on stronger players. spread the girls out to make more tackle zones against elves.. fighting together is the amazons playstyle.

    Brawlin’ side by side with your sisters. What could be more Amazonian?

  21. Amazons are a great race. They can be developed into literally anything! Get a +ST blitzer, there is your surfing threat. Get a +AG thrower, the deep pass opens up. Get lucky and get two AG boosts on a catcher, you essentially get a slow wardancer who can become a real nuisance to any opposition with their agility access. With the new rules from Blood Bowl 2020 coming in and the changes to not only injuries but skill ups, I think Zons will become a popular race to play for many coaches.

    I will also add that the Blitzers are the team. They are the guys who control your cage, lead your defence and also do the damage to opposition. Four level 3 to 4 blitzers are an absolute nightmare to play against. Add in the fact you are likely to get doubles on a couple of linos and you will likely be running half the team with block, dodge and guard. What other race can boast such a thing?

    Fo those who are focused on just winning matches of blood bowl, if you want to play Zons you need to accept two things.
    – Tackle will become the bane of your life. Beat them! Surf them! Foul them! Get rid of those players until nothing but puny rookies stand against you.
    – You are going to have games where, no matter how well you play, your team is going to get beaten up badly. These will be frustrating to play, but I am convinced that is why I am a much better defensive coach for playing these type of games.

  22. I would love to see this added to the roster!!!

    0-2 Werecat 7 3 3 7 Dodge, Claws, Jump Up 100,000 GA

    Some cat girl action would be a great looking figure.
    And Claws makes dwarves and chaos easier to deal with.

  23. Even if they are great, they are the only team with nothing unique to them. All have same stats, blitzers,, catchers and throwers has same skills as all of those in other races, nothing extra. No big guys, nothing. In my opinion: not a single thing for them to be fun to play…

    I have played all races in Blood Bowl, started playing 2nd edition when I was 10 years old or something like that, and all other races are just more interesting to play, plain simple!

    I hope they give Amazons something new and unique when new rules for them come out.

  24. I’ve tried put the new list and found that I rather like it.

    I think they did some tinny things with their labels.

    The old team’s catchers have become the new Blitzers and the Blitzers have become the quite powerful Blockers. At least that is lore in line with the roles and animal totems.

    That is pretty different than trading the old (ineffective) Catchers for Blockers.

    The switch up from all human lineman stats is a very welcome one, though we will all miss starting a team out with 4 Blodgers.

  25. Having tried the new amazons in a tournament setting where we had to play with friendly teams for some matches, I think they are actually even better than before. Just less “blodge everywhere”.

    The new blockers are awesome. M6 S4 AG3 with dodge makes them monsters for everyone to fear and defensive works well on S4 pieces.

    However overall the team plays a bit more like faster necromantic horrors overall: you have your linemen screens that can tie up the opponent (though here they are easier to relocate and can carry the ball in a pinch). I recommend fend on them as a first skill if ever.

    You have your “werewolf” blitzer-ball carriers-safety except they can break through some lines by blitzing instead of frenzy: With the new hit and run it’s fairly easy to blitz a piece, shove it out of the way, follow, and disengage to be behind the opponent’s lines. and wrestle is really recommended on one of them.

    The “golems” are the blockers, that tag key opponent pieces with low strength to force them to invest a lot to get rid of them safely and to stall their advances but with defensive they are really good mid-season combined with block.

    and the thrower is basically the ghoul: pick the ball, maybe score with it, but most of the time you’re going to transfer it to an other player when you can.

    But really it’s like an anvil with a scalpel to break through one weakpoint of the line and score. They can create gaps like no one’s business.


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