Baleful Hex

This skill is a Special Rule that is only available to specific Star Players. Please visit this page to find a list of current Blood Bowl Star Players.

Baleful Hex

One per game, at the beginning of Estelle’s activation, choose an opposition player within five squares and roll a D6. On a 2+ the chosen player loses their Tackle Zone and cannot be activated until the end of the opposition’s next team turn.

Baleful Hex is a very powerful special ability if used to it’s maximum potential but it does require some good positioning as well. Used correctly you should be able to prevent a team from scoring on you. If you can funnel the opposition towards one side of the pitch, you can position Estelle to cover quite a large area of pitch that they will want to move the ball through.

At it’s best you might be able to prevent their ball carrier from moving at the end of their drive if they are aiming to score as late as possible. Or if you’ve held them back and they’ve only got one player in scoring range, then you can use the Hex to prevent them using that single player.

Whilst I would primarily look to use this on defence, if you’ve managed to hold the other team off without it then it can help on offence as well. Obviously you could choose to just use it on offence anyway if you feel your defence doesn’t need it. If the opponents are defending well and holding you up to the point where you need to make a break for it, then generally most teams have one player that’s going to be better at blitzing your ball carrier. Consider using the Hex to take that player out of contention. It’s even more effective against slower teams who may only have one player on their whole team who is in blitzing range.

The last thing to bear in mind is that when a player loses their Tackle Zone, they also lose the ability to use their skills. So they can’t use Block or Dodge to defend themselves for example. So another alterative is to target an important player on the opposition team. Blitz them to take them down and then gang foul them in an attempt to remove them from the game.

Overall even the threat of this skill can affect how the opposition plays, so don’t use it too early in a rash decision. I think this is one of the best abilities going and if you’ve any other ideas how you could use it, then please share in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Baleful Hex”

  1. Are you certain they lose the ability to use passive skills such as block? the skill tip states tackle zones and not skills.

    If yes (great, love it) could you confirm where in the rules this is stated? I can imagine being challenged on it

    • Hi Lachlan, yes they lose the ability to use skills if you’ve lost your tackle zone (same with Hypnotic Gaze or Big Guy Negative Traits).

      First line of the Skills section in the rulebook, page 74. “Players that are Standing and have not lost their Tackle Zone can use their Skills or Traits at any time, not just during their activation. Players that are Prone or Stunned, or that have lost their Tackle Zone for any reason, cannot use any Skills or Traits unless otherwise stated in the Skill or Trait description.”

      It’s one of the bigger changes from previous editions of the rules.

  2. Had missed that change to the tackle zone rules.
    Does make some of the nega traits much worse.
    Though I guess it is fair given that any big guy can definitely get block if they want to save up for it.
    These once per game super skills are certainly an interesting addition to the game.


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