BB2020 Chaos Dwarf Starting Rosters

Chaos Dwarf Starting Rosters Overview

Chaos Dwarf teams haven’t changed from the previous edition as far as player and reroll pricing goes. Whether we see Games Workshop alter the team at all in the future, time will tell. As of now though the roster from the Teams of Legend document gives a very familiar feel.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-6Chaos Dwarf70k434+6+10+Block, Tackle, Thick SkullGSAM
0-2Bull Centaur130k644+6+10+Sprint, Sure Feet, Thick SkullGSA
0-1Enslaved Minotaur150k554+9+Animal Savagery, Frenzy, Horns, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Thick SkullSAGM
0-8ReRolls70kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesBadlands Brawl, Favoured Of…, Worlds End Superleague

Reroll Heavy Chaos Dwarfs

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
4Hobgoblin Linemen160k
6Chaos Dwarf Blockers420k
1Bull Centaur Blitzer130k

I played Chaos Dwarfs a lot years ago and always liked to get a lot of rerolls taking it to the extreme of no Bull Centaurs and five rerolls. The rerolls cost 50k back then though and have since been put up twice so the above is perhaps a bit more sensible for more players. I find the extra rerolls are helpful for moving the ball around whilst I wait for the Hobgoblins and Centaur get some skills. They also let you be a bit more liberal with your blocks and to also try and feed touchdowns to your low agility players when there isn’t too much risk of losing the ball if the hand off fails.

Dual Centaur Chaos Dwarfs

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
3Hobgoblin Linemen120k
6Chaos Dwarf Blockers420k
2Bull Centaur Blitzer260k

This is probably the most commonly taken starting roster for Chaos Dwarf teams. You get both of the Centaurs and all of the Chaos Dwarfs which maximises the MVP falling on them. It also means less of the fragile Hobgoblins on the pitch. You’re just a tiny bit short of getting three rerolls from the outside, but you can fit in an Apothecary which offers some protection for those pricey Centaurs. If you want to get that extra reroll then you need to trade a Chaos Dwarf for another Hobgoblin. I don’t like doing this as the Chaos Dwarves are both slow to skill up and the more Block players you can start with the better. You could swap the Apothecary for a Hobgoblin, though protecting the Centaurs is more valuable.

Minotaur Chaos Dwarfs

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
4Hobgoblin Linemen160k
6Chaos Dwarf Blockers420k

Similar to starting with a single Centaur and four rerolls you can switch it up a little bit and get a Minotaur instead of the Centaur. This does mean you are just short of that fourth reroll, though you can fit in an Apothecary instead. Minotaurs aren’t as reliable as a Centaur due to having Animal Savagery. This will mean they will take your blitz action up a lot, though when you combine that with Horns, just a single assist against most players give you 3 block dice. Having Frenzy as well helps open up bigger gaps to move your somewhat slow players through and Mighty Blow gives you that slightly better chance to get a numerical advantage.

The downside to doing this is that it might be a while before you get a Centaurs and even longer to get skills on them. Whilst Centaurs are a bit weaker than a Minotaur they do have higher armour. Both have their pros and cons and Centaurs are probably a bit more beginner friendly.

Chaos Dwarf Starting Rosters Summary

Like with most teams, starting a Chaos Dwarf team comes down to what sacrifice you choose to make between getting your best players in against the number of rerolls to have. I love the flexibility that having more rerolls offers, especially with six Block players on the team and no skills and average agility on your main ball handlers. With the most expensive team rerolls in the game already, having to pay double to get more later on can take a while to afford

I find it’s far more common for teams to get both Bull Centaurs in the team from the offset. With low agility and not starting with Block they can be slow to develop. Having them straight away means you can get them progressing towards those skills as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “BB2020 Chaos Dwarf Starting Rosters”

    • Hi Griff, thank you for the comment. Perhaps I should have included this to discuss why I wouldn’t go this route, especially in a league. The Chaos Dwarf Blockers are pretty slow to get skills on, so starting with the maximum possible (6) means they are more likely to get an MVP and get skills quicker. They are also pretty reliable as they start with Block. Tackle can come in handy against certain teams, though as they are slow and not very agile, having more of them on the pitch means you are more likely to have one both in the right position and also unmarked, or in a position to block markers away.

      The other factor in not having them means more low armoured Hobgoblins on the pitch, rather than hard to remove high armoured players who also have Thick Skull. The upside of this roster is having both Bull Centaurs and three rerolls which may help in getting skills on them. So whilst it isn’t the route I would pick, it’s not without merit.


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