BB2020 High Elf Starting Rosters

High Elf Starting Rosters Overview

Blood Bowl Second Season’s rule changes for passing have made dedicated throwers a far more specialised position. High Elves have one of, if not the best Throwers in the game, however they’ve also had a price increase which has had a knock on to the starting choices when creating a High Elf team. Similar to the other Elven teams the decisions come down to balancing the desire to start the higher priced positional players over the number of starting rerolls.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-2Thrower100k632+2+9+Cloud Burster, Pass, Safe PassAGPS
0-8ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesElven Kingdoms League

Three Reroll high Elves

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost

You used to be able to also fit a Thrower into this lineup, unfortunately the price increase means you no longer have the budget. The Thrower is probably the right choice for the player to lose when compared to a Blitzer though. Block is a more useful skill to start with early on and that extra speed also comes in useful. Their development will naturally slow down when you add Catchers as well.

There are a couple of variations which spend the full amount. You can use that 20k left over to upgrade a Lineman to a Catcher. Alternatively you can go with 1 Thrower, 1 Catcher, 1 Blitzer, though I still think you are better off with the extra Block player. Catchers tend to hog the star player points and they also have lower armour. For those reasons you might want to wait until after the team has an Apothecary before adding them to the team.

Two Reroll High Elves

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost

If you elect to only go with two rerolls then you can add a Thrower and get two Catchers to start with. Your passing and quick scoring game will be improved quite a bit, though a lot of matches tend to come down to controlling the clock over scoring quickly. Elven teams can generally score quite quickly with just Linemen if push comes to shove, especially if you have a reroll in hand. Starting with a Thrower also provides the option to get a Leader reroll without too much trouble.

You have however made the team a bit more fragile and you don’t have the spare money in the bank that would have guaranteed being able to afford an Apothecary if you score at least one touchdown in the first game.

High Elf Starting Roster Summary

It’s hard to look beyond either of the two above rosters when you are starting a High Elf team. My recommendation would be to go with the three reroll option. An extra reroll can offer a lot more flexibility, especially with high agility players where anyone on the team can handle the ball and dodge well. It also gives you some leftover change to get that Apothecary fairly easily after the first game, whilst maximising the armour value you have on the pitch. It’s just a shame you can no longer squeeze that Thrower into the lineup as well.

There are a couple of more extreme options you could go for, 11x Linemen and 4 Rerolls, or drop to 1 Reroll and you can nearly have all your positional players. Starting without any skills however comes with big downsides and going with only one reroll when the only skill reroll you have is the situationally useful, Pass, will again cause problems. I’d stick with one of the two options outlined above to get a better balance.

6 thoughts on “BB2020 High Elf Starting Rosters”

  1. A build with 3 RR (150), 8 Linemen (560), 1 Catcher (90) and 2 Blitzer (100) is a 1000TV build.
    Are still avaiable to play with him?

    • Hi KaosRs, thank you for the comment. I mentioned in the Three Reroll build that you could upgrade a Lineman to a Catcher. I prefer not to do that for a couple of reasons. First it means you are more likely to be able to afford an Apothecary after the first game which is important for a team with expensive players. Secondly the Catchers tend to get a lot of star player points so I like to spread some around the team before getting a Catcher. Catchers also have lower armour so are a bit more fragile.

      • Hi Coach, brand new to the game so pure theorycraft here but if you took the second team with 2 rerolls but don’t upgrade the line elves to runners, that leaves you 1 touchdown from an apothecary as well as having a thrower on field ready to upgrade for a 3rd reroll earlier than if he hadn’t been hired in the first instance. Moreover I remain Armour 9+ across the board. Keep a reroll for a lineman to catch with and we’ve got a good scoring threat while the SPP hogs are yet to arrive. I don’t see a downside? What am I missing?

        • Well the downside is that you only have two rerolls. Plenty of people make that work but I personally prefer having more from the start. If you think it looks good then give it a go! There’s no single right answer to most things in Blood Bowl.

  2. I see myself aping my Dark Elf start, with the four 100k players and 2 re-rolls.
    2x Throwers
    Even without Catch, with 2+ agility – combined with near impeccable throwing game – and 9+ armour value across the board, you should be able to give the enemy team a run for it’s money. Obviously, getting that Apothecary will be pretty important ASAP.


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