BB2020 Imperial Nobility Starting Rosters

Imperial Nobility Starting Rosters Overview

One of two new teams introduced in 2020 Blood Bowl Second Season are the Imperial Nobility. As a more modern creation they have a mix of abilities that are less commonly seen, with a mix of Fend, Wrestle and Stand Firm. Whilst the Linemen are cheap everything else about the team is fairly pricey, including the rerolls. It’s going to be tough to get everything in so let’s take a look.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-12Retainer Lineman45k634+4+8+FendGAS
0-2Thrower75k633+3+9+Pass, Running PassGPAS
0-2Noble Blitzer105k733+4+9+Block, CatchAGPS
0-4Bodyguards90k633+5+9+Stand Firm, WrestleGSA
0-1Ogre140k554+5+10+Bone Head, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Thick Skull, Throw Team MateSAG
0-8ReRolls70kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesOld World Classic

Ogre + Three Rerolls Imperial Nobility

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
6Imperial Retainer Linemen270k
1Noble Blitzer105k

Despite the high costs you can actually still get a fairly strong starting lineup. The Ogre is there to provide some much needed muscle. I really like the Bodyguards as Wrestle is a rare skill for teams to start with and it’s great at taking down Block ball carriers. They also have strength skill access which is needed to get Guard. You can also just about squeeze a single Blitzer into the lineup which I would take for the extra speed and Block is better than Wrestle for a ball carrier. They also have agility access so you can get them Dodge pretty quickly. The fact they also have Catch as well is unusual but a nice little bonus. They are very likely to be hogging the star player points so this is something to be wary about.

Even with those players and an Ogre, three rerolls is still within budget and this would be the lineup I personally would choose. I’ve ignored the Thrower for now as they only have 3+ for passing and the team have very average agility. You’re not desperate to get Leader as you already have three rerolls. Having six linemen is a downside as they are the most fragile players on the team, but Fend can be handy and they are very cheap to replace. I’d get an Apothecary as soon as possible and then look to add the extra Blitzer and Bodyguard in whichever order you prefer.

Well Rounded + Ogre Imperial Nobility

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
4Imperial Retainer Linemen180k
1Noble Blitzer105k

Dropping a reroll and going down to two frees up enough money to upgrade a couple of the Linemen into a Thrower and the fourth Bodyguard. Whilst I prefer having three rerolls I can see this being a popular option. You have higher average armour and five players to do hitting with that have either Block or Wrestle.

The Thrower can also work towards getting Leader to make up for having less initial rerolls. There aren’t that many great passing skills for them anyway as you’re most likely be either keeping hold of it and scoring with them, handing it off, or just doing quick passes to the Blitzer. You probably would like to get Block on them if they are holding onto the ball and it helps keep them on their feet more too. You may be able to get that second skill quicker than a team who started without a Thrower at all can afford to buy a Thrower and skill them up.

You can also then put your funds towards getting an Apothecary and that second Blitzer. As much as I like starting with as many rerolls as practical, especially when they are this expensive, this roster has a lot of merit.

No Ogre Imperial Nobility

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
3Imperial Retainer Linemen135k
2Noble Blitzers210k

I played around with rosters after removing the Ogre and I couldn’t find a good reason for doing so. If you swap the Ogre for a Blitzer that only frees up 35k which only lets you upgrade a Lineman to a second Thrower. This is the lineup that’s shown above but you have a couple of other options which I consider below.

If you drop the Ogre for an extra Reroll you have to get back to 11 players and only have enough for another Lineman. If you swap the Ogre for an Apothecary you could get another Lineman or a second Thrower. None of these options seem as good as just starting with the Ogre. I’ve included it here as an example and if you have a better idea then please share it in the comments.

Imperial Nobility Starting Rosters Summary

It seems to me that you’re going to be best off taking an Ogre and working around that. The trade offs that you get by not taking the Ogre all seem to leave you worse off. All of these are with eleven players but as the Linemen are so cheap, you could drop a Bodyguard or Blitzer for two Linemen in order to have a substitute. I think that leaves you worse off on the pitch, both in terms of abilities and the fact the Linemen have lower armour.

I think the Bodyguards are really useful players even though Wrestle and Stand firm are a bit of unusual combination. Like standard Human teams you’re going to need to get some Guard in order to compete as teams develop so that’s another reason to get them as soon as possible. Wrestle and Guard are also don’t have great synergy but Guard plays really well with Stand Firm as a nuisance to deal with.

7 thoughts on “BB2020 Imperial Nobility Starting Rosters”

    • I think the Ogre is a massive help for a team that is average strength. I think the Ogre provides a bigger upside than starting with a Thrower or the second Blitzer. However if you’re in a league where there aren’t lots of stronger teams then maybe give it a go. Personally speaking, I’d still want to start with the Ogre.

      • Makes sense — My philosophy is to get rerolls 1st because they double in price after start, where everything else is the same cost. But it’s also significantly easier to afford the other positionals after start than the ogre.

        I also kinda forgot/didn’t notice that the Imperial blitzers don’t have dauntless compared to the old Bretonians (I’m mostly playing online). So the ogre str is more important than I was initially thinking

  1. I used Nobility in a 8 game league and went with the no Ogre option, because I thought that having all 8 positionals and lots of 3+Ag would be a good thing.

    ….It was not good……

    I’ve spent an age saving for the 3rd reroll and the Ogre. And neither of my Throwers have a single SPP between them!

    Were I to start again I would certainly go with 3 rerolls and the Ogre and not bother with Throwers at all, and just play the running game. Sure Hands would be my 1st skill on one of the Blitzers, then off you go.

  2. Now that a few BB3 leagues are starting up I am going to be giving the Imps a shot.
    Thinking probably some form of 2RR start with an Ogre.
    What I am wondering is, what would your end goal team look like.
    Get all the bodyguards and blitzers, and roster just 1 thrower for 12/13 players total?

    • I tried Imperial Nobility in a BB3 league already and I think the lack of redrafting really hurts them. The team is really expensive and also fragile. Stronger teams grind you down and if you’ve skills to try and fight then it’s hard to pin down the agile teams.

      I just feel the team is too expensive given their abilities. Fend doesn’t make up for the low armour on the Linemen. The Blitzer is 25k more than an Orc Blitzer with Catch and more movement against more armour, you can only have two of them compared to four on an Orc team. You’ve also got agility skill access compared to strength, Dodge is nice to get but there are more strength skills you’d probably rather have.

      So from experience I’m not sure what the end goal for the team looks like, I can say that 12/13 players will often leave you outnumbered.

      • Yeah they are bloody expensive, though 6 players with blocking skills out of the box isn’t bad.
        They do also have very fancy striped pantaloons.


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