BB2020 Lizardmen Starting Rosters

Lizardmen Starting Rosters Overview

Lizardmen teams have gained a new player in the form of a Chameleon Skink and the price has gone up on both the Saurus and the Rerolls. They were one of the strongest starting teams under the old rules so this will make things a little tougher when it comes to picking your starting lineup.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-16Skink60k823+4+8+Dodge, StuntyAGPS
0-2Chameleon Skink70k723+3+8+Dodge, On the Ball, Shadowing, StuntyAGPS
0-1Kroxigor140k655+10+Bone Head, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Prehensile Tail, Thick SkullSAG
0-8ReRolls70kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesLustrian Superleague

Maximum Saurus Lizardmen

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
5Skink Runner Linemen300k
6Saurus Blockers510k

The Saurus are important to a Lizardmen team as they provide protection for the more fragile players. They are also slow to skill up as they start without any skills and have very low agility. Starting with the maximum amount gives you more games for them to get star player points. Unfortunately you can’t afford to get three rerolls at the same time any more, though there is enough in the bank to get an Apothecary.

Chameleon Skink Lizardmen

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
3Skink Runner Linemen180k
2Chameleon Skinks140k
6Saurus Blockers510k

Similar to the previous roster you’re essentially swapping the starting Apothecary to upgrade two of the standard Skinks to the new Chameleons. At first glance they might not seem worth the extra 10k in price, especially as they are a bit slower than a standard Skink. On The Ball will lead you to think they are designed for collecting the kick off (as it’s combined the old Kick Off Return skill), though all the Skinks are fast enough to cover the backfield easily. The other half of the skill combination is the old Pass Block skill, which when you’ve combined it with Shadowing it gives you a good defensive option against (the admittedly rather rare) passing play. This combination becomes even more of a concern once you’ve got Side Step and then Diving Tackle on them as well. You can either Save the extra 30k to get an Apothecary after the first game or get some Dedicated Fans to increase your match winnings.

Kroxigor Lizardmen

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
6Skink Runner Linemen360k
4Saurus Blockers340k

With the price rises on the rerolls and Saurus you can no longer start with all six Saurus, the Kroxigor and still afford two rerolls once you’ve got up to the minimum of eleven players. To fit the Kroxigor in along with two rerolls you have to give up not one but two Saurus Blockers. You can fit five Saurus in and an Apothecary if you drop down to a single reroll but that’s going to be tough to play.

3 Reroll Lizardmen

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
6Skink Runner Linemen360k
5Saurus Blockers425k

If you wanted to get three rerolls to start with then this is as strong as you can start the team. Your Skinks are going to be more exposed as you’ve only got five Saurus and it also means the Saurus are going to take a bit longer to skill up (less of them blocking and less change the MVP falls on them). Getting extra rerolls will take a while to save up for, especially as they are already expensive before the price doubles for them. There is also no one on the team who has primary access to passing skills in order to get a Leader reroll.

Lizardmen Starting Rosters Summary

The price increases on the Lizardmen team have really hit their starting rosters hard, though this perhaps isn’t without merit given how strong you could make them before. Looking these options over I would go for the first one with the full quota of allowed Saurus and having the Apothecary straight away. This lets you save up straight away for another reroll and the Apothecary can be doing work from game one.

If you’re playing against a lot of agility teams rather than hitting teams then you might want to give the Chameleon Skink starting roster some consideration. Whatever way you elect to go it’s certainly got a lot tougher under the new rules!

2 thoughts on “BB2020 Lizardmen Starting Rosters”

  1. I’d love to know what you think about adding some of the lustrian star players to the team combination.
    Glotl Stop
    Drull and Dribl
    Zolcath the Zoat
    Boa Kon’ssstriktr.

    • Hi Pebe, the official league rules don’t allow for adding them to rosters which is why they aren’t covered. It’s not practical to cover for individual league house rules.

      I also don’t generally like a lot of the star player designs to be honest. Some are far too good for their money and the distribution across races isn’t very well done.

      Dribl and Drull are great value, hopefully I’ll eventually have articles dedicated to each star player though unfortunately it’s not likely to happen any time soon. Hopefully others can chime in with something you find useful.

      Good luck on the pitch!


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