BB2020 Necromantic Horror Starting Rosters

Necromantic Horror Starting Rosters Overview

Necromantic Horror teams look a little bit different from previous editions. They’ve lost the Wights and have been replaced by non ball handling Wraiths who are also slightly more expensive. Speaking of price increases the same has also happened to the Ghouls, Werewolves and Flesh Golems. This is going to have quite an impact on the starting rosters coaches may have been used to.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-2Ghoul Runners75k733+4+8+DodgeAGPS
0-2Wraith95k633+9+Block, Foul Appearance, No Hands, Regeneration, Side StepGSA
0-2Werewolf125k833+4+9+Claws, Frenzy, RegenerationAGPS
0-2Flesh Golem115k444+10+Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick SkullGSA
0-8ReRolls70kApothecary: No
Special RulesMasters of Undeath, Sylvanian Spotlight

Maximum Agility Necromantic Horror

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
2Ghoul Runners150k

When pricing out this build I was surprised to see that you can still fit in three rerolls given the price rises on the players. (The old version had 30k left in the bank.) The team starts with all six of it’s more agile and faster players (even if the Wraiths can’t handle the ball). It also maximises the initial Block, Dodge and the Wraiths and Werewolves both have some other handy skills. Starting with three of the expensive rerolls avoids having to save up an extortionate amount later on. Whilst you have to forgo the Flesh Golems you can start saving for them straight away as you’re not allowed to have an Apothecary anyway. You would like the Flesh Golems early on as they can be slow to skill up, however they are pretty useful even as rookie players when you eventually get them.

10x Regeneration Necromantic Horror

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
1Ghoul Runners75k
2Flesh Golems230k

You used to be able to go with no Ghouls and get all the positional players with Regeneration into a starting lineup. Under the new rules you’re 10k over the amount of starting money so can no longer do that. It would have also meant that you would have only had the two Werewolves for doing the ball handling. Going to one Wraith and one Ghoul nearly gives you an entire Regeneration option and that extra player who is better at ball handling.

Starting with the Flesh Golems gives them the most time to gather star player points but the trade off is only two team rerolls. You can get a bit more agility by swapping one of the Werewolves and a Zombie for the second Ghoul and Wraith. That would also mean another player with Block and another with Dodge on the team as well.

No Werewolves Necromantic Horror

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
2Ghoul Runners150k
2Flesh Golems230k

This is essentially the maximum agility roster but with the Werewolves swapped out for the Flesh Golems. This also gets you 20k in the bank or some Dedicated Fans. In this case as you aren’t trying to get an Apothecary after game one the Dedicated Fans should help save up for the Werewolves that tiny bit quicker. The drawbacks are that it makes your team quite a bit slower and your two main ball handlers have both low armour and no Regeneration to extend their lives.

Necromantic Horror Starting Rosters Summary

When I first saw all the price rises on the team I really thought you would have to give up a lot for your starting teams but in reality it just takes you right to the edge of your budget. There are a couple of variations that would take you just over the budget, but that’s the case for all of the Blood Bowl races. It’s always been tough to get all the expensive players on a starting Necromantic Horror team so not a lot has really changed in reality.

The new Wraiths are actually quite useful players but you have to watch out for the fact they are unable to handle the ball. Make sure you’ve got enough Ghouls and Werewolves to do your ball handling. If you do that then it’s hard to really go wrong unless you take things to the extreme. Going down to one reroll will just lead to far too many turnovers and they will take longer to save up for than any of your players would.

6 thoughts on “BB2020 Necromantic Horror Starting Rosters”

  1. Hi Coach, really appreciate the articles.

    Is there any merit to a one werewolf build? The upside is that you start with every other positional player, the downsides being only 2 rerolls and also having to save for another werewolf.

    2 Ghoul Runners 150k
    2 Wraiths 190k
    1 Werewolf 125k
    2 Flesh Golems 230k
    4 Zombies 160k
    2 Rerolls 140k

    Total: 995k

  2. Terrible decision to change wights for wraiths, No-Hands destroy literally this team on BB2020. Is unique player with ST access can dodging and MO acceptable to assist rol and this team requiered guard for stay competitive.

    All necros have option give ball first games to Wights (same humans with blitzers, they have block and AG3, not bad option) with 2 TD can take a guard skill for assist on blocks. Humans have 4 options for it, necros flesh golem srry to say but not a option, Ag2 and mo4 they cant move where assist requiered, and not have more ST access on this team.

    Not to mention the lost chances on stripballs.
    How many times wolfs can stripball with that frenzys? Stadistics = 75% – 92% cases oscillates depending if you and oponent have or not block skill cases.
    But need blitz and spend MO for it, if working then options for take a ball and move to up loses, that wolf blitz doubt have MO for move ball out you TD line so much.
    But any elves without skill onyl with Ag4 can take a ball on floor, dodging and move TD on same turn without problem.
    But dont worry u have foul apparence, buuuuh!

    All this on my experience, im not very good player but dont liked this change, destroyed totally strong point on team and no add value on nothing. Foul apparience is joke and side step ever liked but on blitzer? not sense on my mind srry.

    Srry for cry post but need say it.

    • Not everyone will like every change when changes happen. For what it’s worth a new Necromantic team just won Season 5 of my local tabletop league. I personally like the changes and it differentiates them from the Undead team more.

      • I suppose is custom using them with guard giving 2TD on first games to support wolf surfing. That and because wolf normally concentrate spp and liked distribution on team.

        But not lie you, is only a “cry” comment because unlike “nohands”.
        That is true 🙂

        And agree changes for differentiates them from undead is awesome idea.

        Same with nerf on orcs with animosity, %winrate on orc teams is not high for justify the nerfed. But too is true winrate maybe is low because is option team on newbies (im exemple).

        This both cases is debatable of BB2020, the others changes sound better.

  3. I played Necromantic in season 1 of my local league and managed to win it all with them as completely new player to tabletop. Having now played many teams, the wraiths skills up a little slower compared to the wights as they cannot score but guard on them is great and they have some very interesting skills making them in my opinion for versatile than in the old edition. My favorite build listed is probably the 995k posted with 2 re-rolls but I can see the most consistent being probably the max agility. Thanks for the posts!


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