BB2020 Tomb Kings / Khemri Starting Rosters

Tomb Kings / Khemri Starting Rosters Overview

Khemri are the strongest team in the game, however their armour is lower than other bashing teams such as Orcs and Dwarves. You’re really playing this team for the four high strength Tomb Guardians. I wouldn’t consider any starting lineup that doesn’t include all four, so what else can you fit in around them.

Please note that they appear in the Teams of Legend document and to date haven’t changed from before. I wouldn’t be surprised if the team gets some tweaks in the future.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-16Skeleton40k534+6+8+Regeneration, Thick SkullGAS
0-2Anointed Thrower70k634+3+8+Pass, Regeneration, Sure Hands, Thick SkullGPA
0-2Anointed Blitzer90k634+6+9+Block, Regeneration, Thick SkullGSAP
0-4Tomb Guardian100k455+10+Decay, RegenerationSAG
0-8ReRolls70kApothecary: No
Special RulesSylvanian Spotlight

No Throwers Tomb Kings

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
5Skeleton Linemen200k
2Anointed Blitzers / Blitz-ra180k
4Tomb Guardians400k

This is probably the most common and straight forward set up to go with. You’ve got all four Tomb Guardians for maximum strength. The Blitzers are more important than the Throwers as they start with Block and you want to get them some star player points. Once you’ve got the Throwers they are likely to be doing all the scoring as your team has low agility. Having two Blitzers means that one is still free to do your blitzing actions whilst the other is carrying the ball.

Ideally you aren’t going to be doing any ball handling beyond picking it up so you might think you don’t need many rerolls. However even with the high strength of your Tomb Guardians, they don’t start with Block so you might need your rerolls for them as well. If you’re playing against strength three players then look to make all your hits with them three dice in your favour. As well as being safer for yourself, that will also generate more knock downs for you as well. Depending on how your drives go you may also need to do some Go For Its / Rushes and they are a lot more comfortable to do if you’ve got a reroll. That said don’t make them a unnecessary habit!

Anointed Throwers Tomb Kings

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
4Skeleton Linemen160k
2Anointed Throwers / Thro-Ra140k
1Anointed Blitzer / Blitz-Ra90k
4Tomb Guardians400k

By dropping one of the Blitzers down you can fit both Throwers into your starting lineup instead. You gain Sure Hands which is a helpful skill for your team, however you are trading a probably more valuable Block player to do it. Also the fact you have two Throwers who will be picking up the ball, they are going to be scoring most of your touchdowns. You’re really leaving your Blitzer to do all your blitzing as he’s the one best player you have to do so. This means they are going to take longer to get any skills as you’re just relying on getting casualties, unless you try a risky hand off to them to score.

12 Player Tomb Kings

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
6Skeleton Linemen240k
1Anointed Throwers / Thro-Ra70k
2Anointed Blitzer / Blitz-Ra180k
3Tomb Guardians300k

As Tomb Kings are both slower and less agile than even a Dwarf team, getting the superior numbers on the field is important. If you get outnumbered than the other team probably won’t find it too hard to pin you in. There are a few ways to get an extra player, either dropping a reroll, or dropping a Tomb Guardian. Neither seem that great, reroll price doubles after team creation so it will take you ages to save up for a third one if you start with two. Only having three Tomb Guardians lowers the team strength quite a bit. You would definitely need both Blitzers if you are going to start with only three Tomb Guardians and taking a Thrower means you aren’t tying up one of the Blitzers carrying the ball.

The extra player does help avoid getting out numbered and you do then have an extra player should you want to do some gang fouls. I think the trade off it too great a hit compared to other starting rosters, especially as Skeletons are cheap so getting the number of players up after game one is pretty easy.

Slow and Steady Tomb Kings

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
8Skeleton Linemen320k
4Tomb Guardians400k

What if I told you that you could get twelve players and a huge four rerolls to start your team? That sounds great, the trade off being you don’t start with any Block players and you’ve made your team a bit slower. You can certainly make it work, though it’s going to take a time before you can fill the roster out with the Blitzers and Throwers.

Tomb King / Khemri Starting Rosters Summary

I think the most well rounded and probably overall best starting roster would be to start with no Throwers and three rerolls. All the others I think sacrifice too much. Whilst it is handy to have some substitutes you can probably afford a Skeleton after game one (especially if you’ve taken the roster that banks 10k). Depending on how much winnings you get, you might not spend anything after the first game and hopefully have enough to add a Thrower after game two.

Starting with all the Tomb Guardians and both Block players seems like your strongest option so deviating away from that needs consideration before doing so. That being said I am tempted to try the twelve players and four reroll roster. If anyone have given that a try then let me know how it went in the comments.

2 thoughts on “BB2020 Tomb Kings / Khemri Starting Rosters”

  1. I would prefer your “No Throwers” start , drop 1 reroll to fit in the thrower (safe hands effectivly a supstition for the most critical rr) and investing the leftover 50k into dedicated fans. Sure, you’re lacking this extra rr for more general actions but the DF go a long way even if you lose a couple of games in a row. Ultimativly garanting a 3rd rr after 2-3 games which you can solely focus on and easier beefing up your bank afterwards.

  2. While it is harder I think starting with all positionals is essential to start trying to rack up the SPP on the team. I would recommend:
    4 TG
    2 Blitz-Ra
    2 Throw-Ra
    3 Skeletons
    2 RR

    I know this fits more of a Tournment roster but I have found it an effective league starter bringing the maximum amount of strength to the field, this will sure up a little more security for your cages. Two Rerolls is low but still an ok option for those who are ok taking a couple both downs and double skulls, which are a constant hazard in this game.


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