Beer Barrel Bash!

This skill is a Special Rule that is only available to specific Star Players. Please visit this page to find a list of current and past Blood Bowl Star Players.

Beer Barrel Bash!

Once per drive, at the start of his activation, Thorsson may perform a Throw Keg Special action. When he does, select an opposition player within three squares of Thorsson and roll a D6. On a 3+, the player is immediately Knocked Down. However, on a 1, Thorsson is Knocked Down instead.

My initial instincts on this one is that it is crazy good and I wouldn’t be shocked if it gets toned down at a later date. Being able to throw a keg and knock down a opposing player is a bit like having a second blitz for that turn. This is something that is really powerful to have and for some reason, unlike a lot of the other special rules, it isn’t limited to once per game?!

The downside is that the range is pretty short at only three squares,. however good positioning fairly centrally on the pitch means it wouldn’t be hard to set up a great opportunity to use it. It might also fail a third of the time and half of those times ends up knocking him over. So it’s not without it’s downsides where other special rules don’t have a negative element to them.

When you look at the upside though it really shines. You will take down an opposing player 67% of the time and it ignores any protective skills they have such as Block and Dodge. If you can take out the corner of a cage that then opens it up for a straight blitz at the ball carrier. Of course if you are close enough you could aim to take out the ball carrier, though this is harder to be in a position for and the ball scatter could be less likely to go well for you.

5 thoughts on “Beer Barrel Bash!”

    • Hi max, it’s not clear in the rules, generally throwing will end your activation, though the start of this skill says “at the start of his activation”, which could be read as doing the rest of a normal action afterwards. You’d need to contact the email address listed in the FAQ files on Warhammer Community for an official answer. Please note they probably won’t reply to you directly, you’ll just have to hope they add it to the next FAQ. Until then your league commissioner will have to make a ruling on it.

    • The question is already answered in the FAQ:

      Q: Can a player that performed a Special action also make
      a Move action before or after performing the Special action?
      A: No, unless the Special action in question specifically
      states otherwise or is performed as part of a Blitz action (if
      applicable). Note that some Special actions that can be used
      as part of a Blitz action also state that the player cannot
      move after performing the Special action.


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