Chaos Chosen Teams

Chaos teams are not noted for the subtlety or originality of their game play. A simple drive up the centre of the pitch, maiming and injuring as many opposing players as possible, is about the limit of their game plan. They rarely, if ever, worry about such minor considerations like picking up the ball and scoring touchdowns – not while there are any players left alive on the opposing team, anyway.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-4Chosen Blockers100k543+5+10+GMSA
0-11 Of 3:
0-1Chaos Troll115k455+5+10+Always Hungry, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Projectile Vomit, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team MateMSAG
0-1Chaos Ogre140k554+5+10+Bone Head, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Thick Skull, Throw Team MateMSAG
0-1Minotaur150k554+9+Loner (4+), Frenzy, Horns, Mighty Blow (+1), Thick Skull, Unchannelled FuryMSAG
0-8ReRolls60kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesFavourd Of… (choose either): Undivided, Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch

Chaos Chosen Team Overview:

Chaos teams have the benefit of being the most agile of the bashing teams. Their chaos warriors have high strength yet can still dodge and ball handle as well as the average player. The beastmen benefit with horns and can blitz with good strength. The fact there are a lot of them on the pitch means you can’t avoid them either.

The trouble with chaos is that their players aren’t that cheap, their rerolls are very expensive and they don’t start with any skills. Early on a chaos team can be very hard to deal with as a result of all these factors. The other teams that have average agility across the board tend to start with ball handling skills to compensate. Chaos do not have that luxury, though they do have easy access to mutations on their players. These mutations allow you to convert the players into a specific roll easily. The whole team also has access to strength skills, so once you start to develop the team they can be built into one of the best in the game.

For beginners they really aren’t a good starting team. Expensive rerolls and no skills is very unforgiving and makes them really hard starting out. If you can last through this period though they are one of the best in the game once developed.

Chaos Chosen Team Strengths:

  • Strong
  • Easy mutation access
  • Very good when developed

Chaos Chosen Team Weaknesses:

  • Expensive players
  • Expensive rerolls
  • No starting skills

14 thoughts on “Chaos Chosen Teams”

  1. Early on one of the worst as they don’t start with any skills. Slightly better now than they used to be though due to the drop in price of the rerolls and the fact you don’t need to spend 90k on Fan Factor either.

    At high TV they are one of the best and most flexible teams depending on how you developed them, if not the best team.

  2. As a Chaos player myself, I’ve found that yes Chaos can be crazy hard to start as with a team. Plus there are not easy to work with, but once you’ve found a good pace for them can bash just about any team they can catch. My major problem has been handling fast teams, like Skaven, and Elfs (and I hate elves with a passion). This can be countered with a couple of beastmen and one – two Chaos warriors with block and tackle. A tactic to try is building a couple of blockers (like 1 or 2 Chaos warriors with block and tackle) as earily as you can, then building some beastmen with passing a catching. In the computer game you’re not required to get the minitor. Yea he looks good, and is strong and frenzied, but it’s easier to get 2 re-rolls, and heal for a little bit more then the minitor. The game favors boning your team earily, usually with in the first ten or so games. If you can hammer your way past these problems you’ll do fine with a Chaos team.

  3. The Key to dealing with the fast teams is to not let them get away from you. Stay on top of them is at all possible and don’t let them up. I recently beat a Wood elf team into the ground using this basic strategy. (They had four players left on the pitch.) Because Chaos has easy access to mutations, tentacles and prehensile tails can be extremely valuable in dealing with fast players with dodge. If they can’t break away from you they can’t get ipen or run into the end zone and you free to pound on them. Start by targeting Catchers and save your blitzes for open players who are looking to break away or for the ball carrier. Also you can always keep a beastman back as a saftey just in case. Since the fast teams are weaker put as many of your players on the front line for kick offs to make it that much harder for them to advance.
    Now the team I struggle most against and make me want to pull my hair out is dwarfs. All the skills (especially at the start), high armor and thick skull makes it extremely hard to knock them out and get a numbers advantage.(And they seem to have a nasty habit of always making their rolls and causing injuries).

    • Thanks for your comment, against Dwarfs you really want to take advantage of their poor movement and agility. If you can stay in front of them and not give them space to run around the sides of your team they will struggle to advance. As Chaos you also have the ability to get Claw on one or two players and if you get a player with Frenzy as well pushing Dwarfs into the crowd is a good way to try and get a numerical advantage. That being said I don’t think concentrating on getting numbers is as crucial as preying on their slowness.

  4. A Chaos Minotaur with Prehensile Tail and Tentacles is basically a magnet to your opponent’s models. Even on a failed Wild Animal roll, those skills STILL work, unlike a Kroxigor w/ Prehensile and Bonehead. Plus, a 6 STR Blitzing Minotaur with that will screw over ANYONE’s game. Mighty Blow almost guarantees at least 2 SPP every game he plays, so it won’t be too hard to get to that point.

    Sure, lacking core skills on the other guys makes it a bit more difficult, but hey, it makes you think harder about what you’re going to do, and helps to ensure a win.

  5. Chaos is great to play even early on. Start with 4 Chaos Warriors and 8 Beastmen(screw the big guy Chaos doesn’t need it) , dump the rest into RR(3 I think), don’t worry about FF unless you have a bit left over as it goes up on dice rolls. I put my Chaos Warriors on the front line and use my Beastmen as roamers. Block a ton, but don’t just throw random blocks, plan it out. Use numbers to get you two dice on blocks, and always blitz every single turn, otherwise you are wasting the horns skill. You can pound most teams into the ground even early on. You are never going to score a lot of touchdowns, I average 1-2 a game, but you can do a good job of stopping the other team from scoring pretty easily(assuming luck doesn’t screw you over). 1-2 of your Beastmen should get the sure hands skill to make ball handling easier. Use cage tactics to move down the field and score. Don’t worry about scoring as quickly as possible, that gives your foe more time to respond. The longer you can hold on to the ball the better. I like to score in turn 7 or 8 of a half.

    Everyone on your team needs block as a first skill unless you roll a stat increase or roll doubles. Take any stat increase your given early on, because that can shape what you end up doing with each player. As for later skills, it depends on what you want to do , but I like tackle. guard, MB as standard skills, give a couple of players strip ball, if you can get a Chaos player block/dodge/sure hands/ then you have a player you can score with, especially if they get an AG increase. I had one of my Chaos Warriors gain an AG upgrade his first skill roll, then he got doubles his next time so I got him dodge, next he got block and then sure hands and now hes my main ball handler. Hes STR 4 AG 4 with sure hands and block/dodge so hes a pain for other teams to take the ball from. I don’t care about his slow movement because like I said, Chaos shouldn’t be worried about running up the score.

  6. In my opinion, Chaos is by far the best race to play with. The agility of the team along with the toughness to match and exceed any team is great to play a variety of in game tactics. To top it off, the option to have mutations when leveling up just boosts the team to an unstoppable force. Giving a couple of beastmen extra arms for picking up and catching; chaos warriors/ minotaur with claws and block can cause serious damage. Been playing with chaos for a while now and record is 43-0. The only reason to change is to play with a more challenging team.

  7. Beastmen with claws and their starting horns can be a fun combination. Chaos warriors with claws can be nasty, especially when blitzing. If I can get my minotaur to level up, I’m giving him block, claws, and horns. Those plus frenzy when blitzing (always risky with frenzy) should be absolutely lethal.

    I love my Chaos team (Murderous Rams). Odd thing, to go on a slight tangent; the game is fine with that name, but my Goblin team, which I named Jesters of Genocide, got censored.

    • Hi Kecyre, that depends on the individual in question. I generally wouldn’t recommend this to a new player as they can be quite unforgiving and hard to use. If it’s someone who is picking them for the theme and isn’t too bothered if they win or lose then go ahead. If it’s someone who will get frustrated easily, then I’d suggest they look elsewhere.


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