Dwarf Blitzers

Blood Bowl Dwarf Blitzer
Dwarf Blitzer Overview:

Dwarf teams aren’t known for their agility and ball handling ability, which makes Dwarf Blitzers key players on the team. However you decide to play the game at some point in order to win you need to get the ball into the other team’s end zone. Dwarf Blitzers give you two extra players who have an average chance of success compared to the majority of Dwarf players you will have on the pitch. They are also better at dodging, which sometimes you need to do even if you don’t like it. That also makes them a bit more mobile and they are also slightly faster than most of their team mates, though still somewhat slow as far as Blood Bowl players go.

Their “mobility” is key to how you would want to skill them up as you don’t really have other options for players to dodge and hit the other team. Runners are a possibility but they are best suited to the ball handling, so the Blitzers should be doing your blitzing! The reason for this is that the Runners have lower armour and their extra speed and ball handling skills make them best suited for the job of carrying the ball. Blitzers have higher armour and also start with Block unlike the Runner. The only disadvantage they have is that they are slightly slower than the Runner so your positioning of them is important. Their lack of speed also is a good reason to build them both in the same way so increase the chances of one being where you need their abilities. Troll Slayers are another option for blitzing but not if you need to dodge them out of a tackle zone to do so.

It is common now for players you are building for blitzing to take Wrestle for going after opposing ball carriers. Dwarf Blitzers though start with Block which makes Wrestle a poor skill choice due to their overlap (though it can be handy as a later skill pick). So Dwarf Blitzers will typically be built in trying to remove either the weaker links on the other team, or their best players. The more opponents you can get off the pitch the easier it is for yourself to hit the rest of their team and also negates your slow movement and poor agility of the team. You will still probably use your Blitzers for hitting their ball carrier, though sometimes it might make more sense to use another team mate who isn’t in a tackle zone if that is an option.

Blitzing Dwarf Blitzer:

I only really see the one role for a Dwarf Blitzer and they have a lot of useful skills to take, though I think a lot of it will depend on the other teams in your league and also what skills your team is lacking at the time you have to pick the skill. Early developing teams I would take Guard first as Dwarfs need as much of it as they can get to keep their edge in the blocking game against everyone else. On a more developed team where you have lots of Guard already then you can skip it. Second choice (or first later on) you have a lot of options. Mighty Blow will help get opposing players off the pitch, which means less of your players tied up and makes both forming and moving a cage easier. It will also generate SPP faster letting you get extra skills at a faster rate. If you are in a really Dodge heavy league then consider Tackle, though you do have a lot of Tackle players on the pitch already. For a newer teams you will be facing less opponents with Dodge so I would take it later. Juggernaut is another useful skill to have as it cancels Wrestle, Fend and Stand Firm. Use it to target the Wrestle players on the other team as they can’t defend against your Block. Strip Ball can also be a useful skill to have, though it loses value in more developed leagues as Sure Hands is a common skill.

Other skills to consider in your development (from second skill onwards, just cause I listed all those other skills first doesn’t mean they all should be taken before the latter skills) are Stand Firm so that if you choose to follow up after hitting a player you want to mark, it is harder for them to dislodge you away and can force them to dodge that player. It is also good for just keeping a tackle zone in place and protecting the ball carrier, as part of a screen or cage. Grab is also handy for cancelling out Side Step when you blitz someone and is also useful when you are just blocking, for either opening up space, setting up chain blocks, or setting up crowd pushes. You can also consider Wrestle on one of your Blitzers on perhaps his second or third skill. Frenzy can combo well with Juggernaut, though you may prefer it for your Troll Slayers, too much Frenzy can get your players dragged too far apart. Pro can also be a handy late selection though I would probably feel one of the other skills more useful.

Doubles there are the usual choices, Dodge goes well with keeping him more mobile, though you won’t often have much Dodge on a Dwarf team and it will be easily countered. Dodge gets better the more you have on the team, so if you go this route consider it as a double for all your players. If you decide against Dodge then Diving Tackle is the other great choice to tie the other team’s players up and combos really well with Stand Firm. Jump Up can also be a consideration (or as a second double) which also perhaps opens the option of taking Piling On as well, turning your Blitzer into more of a killer build. I wouldn’t normally suggest Piling On though as you need all the tackle zones you can get (especially if he has Guard) and your players are slow and can get left out of position if you have to spend most of your movement just standing back up. As Blitzers also have AG3 they make better use of Jump Up when blocking as well, your AG2 players have a harder time with it. Side Step is the last option, though you can get Stand Firm on a normal roll, but Side Step can really help with your positioning.

Stat Increases are very useful and I would take any of them. +ST is obviously great for hitting people. +AG can open up options for passing or handing off the ball, along with making dodging around to get to targets a lot easier. +MV should be taken over +AV without any thought, you need the extra movement and already have high armour and Thick Skull.

Dwarf Blitzer Summary:

Developing and learning to use your Blitzers wisely and you can find that they may be your most valuable players on the team. Build both of them slightly differently to have different options on your team and always think about how the skills you take combine with each other on the single player to get the most use of them. If you get Diving Tackle for instance then Stand Firm increases in value to that player, which in turn makes Tackle more attractive. Mighty Blow will encourage you to use that one for taking out players, so Juggernaut would be great and I’d follow up with Grab or Tackle.

A lot of the skills will be useful for various combos and ways you decide to build your Blitzers, but just take a few moments to consider if what you are selecting is indeed better than the alternatives. Consider what your team is lacking in and what you most need to counter on your regular opponents. For example if you have quite a few Linemen with Diving Tackle already, then don’t be afraid to pass up on a double roll to take a normal skill if it will be more useful to your team. With the option to only have two of these guys you really need to make them and their abilities count!

10 thoughts on “Dwarf Blitzers”

  1. I started a team recently without any Blitzers, instead focusing on Runners and Slayers.

    I regret it now, as it isn’t always possible to have a runner nearby to grab a spilt ball and noone else can be relied upon to do it.

  2. I decided to go down the ‘Throwing’ Blitzer option after getting +1AG and Strong Arm. He is currently top thrower/passer in the league and coupled with 2 NoS Runners the passing Dwarf game can  and has suprised many opponents this season.

  3. The problem with a “Thrower” is that, sure, with a +Agi he can throw, but to who?  At best you have 3 possible catchers (your 2 Runners and your other Blitzer) and they are only Agi 3 Mv 6 players with no catching skills anyway…  It should be extreemly simple for your enemy to mark each of those three and moving them down field for a long pass (to make use of your Strong Arm) just weakens your line anyway…  I can see it as a suprise tactic but then you could just do that without the Strong Arm.  It’s not something you actually need to build around as you would have taken the +Agi anyway on a Blitzer.

  4. When you’re driven your cage close to the end zone, sometimes moving a Blitzer or two out in front is all you need to spread the defense’s focus, forcing them to mark you to stop the pass threat, then you can use that to retribute blocks back if they didn’t leave you open for a pass.

  5. I am surprised that Side Step wasn’t mentioned as an option for double skills.It can really help with positioning and can be rather annoyong for opponents.

  6. Just realised you did mention side step late, I just think it can be a better option that is implied.

    As you say dodge is good in bunches, but thats a lot of doubles.

    What about sure feet or sprint to speed these guys up?

  7. Here is my idea for a safety Blitzer, since Dwarf teams are so slow and you will need a safety.

    Normal: Strip Ball, Tackle, Stand Firm/Pass Block, Mighty Blow/Guard/Dauntless/
    Doubles:Diving Tackle
    Stats: ST+, AG+, MV+

    The Idea here is to keep teams from passing the ball over the wall of tough dwarves you have blocking the cage. This should hopefully keep teams from passing the ball around your teams and sitting next to your endzone because you will have this guy sitting in the middle of the field waiting. Strip Ball should always be useful because recievers generally don’t take sure hands, then tackle to beat out dodge. After that you could take either stand firm encase the ball isn’t knocked lose so you can’t be blitz away or pass block to make the catches more difficult. I would take the other of the two (Stand Firm/Pass Block) after whichever you take first. Finally the last skills are just extras to fit niche situations. Guard can’t ever hurt, nor can mighty blow, and Dauntless for the freak ST+ catchers. Any thoughts will be appreciated, thanks!

    P.S. The reason I would build a blitzer like this is you should be able to get enough guard on blockers to not need it on a blitzer, and I would only make one of these. The other blitzer would follow Coaches build in the article for my team.

    • Why do you want to use a blitzer for this task? I find that a trollslayer would be more suited with his frenzy. Replace Tackle (maybe) with Pro and you may well get four rolls to knock them down (with the team reroll). Even if you should fail to get the ball loose, you push the target two squares to let the team mates catch up.

      Sure, the blitzer is better at picking up the ball after, but not as good as the runners. And yes, you will have harder dodges when those are needed, but Pro can be used for that and GFIs as well. This way you also have a bigger threat of crowd surfing.

      I would even concider a Runner with Wrestle and Tackle over a blitzer for this job.

      • I prefer to have my troll slayer to cause casualties cause dwarves can use all the number advantages they can get. I hadn’t considered using the other runner, that would probably be a better option for the future. Thanks!

  8. I’ve recently been fortunate to roll a double agility blitzer and now I’ve gained a doubles roll at the 4th level as well. Any thoughts on how to build him? I’ve been waffling between taking the obvious choice of dodge, the less obvious and more vertically oriented pass skill (i also have a double movement runner on my team) and taking catch so as to set him up to be a ball hawk with the pass block skill once he makes it to the next level. Other fun choice might be leap or NoS.


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