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New Profile Posts

  1. mamutas
    Can Teufel roll doubles for the 5th time or will he die first?
  2. Toxic Bunny
    Toxic Bunny
    If you're going to lose. Make sure they don't win as much!
  3. Luke4444
  4. Roadhog
    ingame name: BoilingFrog - Im UTC +2
  5. Roadhog
    ingame name: BoilingFrog
  6. Poncho dlv
    Poncho dlv
  7. Halub
    Halub Nooobody
    Hi, just in case you're around I could do even earlier than 20:00GMT tonight - I should be available as soon as 17:00.
  8. Roadhog
    ingame name: BoilingFrog
  9. Rik90
    Active Teams: Nordheim Knotbeards (Norse) - Little Crunch S6
  10. SirSebstar
    Winner Dutch Open 2018 and two-time Dutch Champion.
  11. QbensisKomeongo
    Ref friend iz guud! Ref dead iz better!
  12. OrcLover69
    Der...der der der.
  13. Giantcodfish
    Giantcodfish Trixter
    Hey, we have a match but I can't see you online. We still good or need to rain check?
  14. RK Blaze
    RK Blaze
    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
  15. Cary STacy
    Cary STacy
    Feelin' good and ready to bring it on the pitch!!!!
  16. Trixter
    It is cold here. So I think a little slowly =)
  17. FemurMuertez
    Finland (UTC/GMT +3 hours)
  18. whatsapplife
    WhatsApp Life | Refreshing Your Knowledge
  19. williamspd
    "If we stretch one of the Linemen on that rack... do you think we can cover the gap in our line left by injuries?"
  20. JaspersaurusRex
    JaspersaurusRex GeneralMarauder
    Hey. Sent you a msg. In MD but want to desperately get a hold of you. Can we do it sat. Night or Sunday anytime? Something came up. Let me know. Sorry bout this real life crap.