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    Necromantic Necromantic Tactics

    I might have said this before, but I start with 1 WW 0 Ghouls. Means for a rough start if an AG3 gets whacked early on, but the spare bank means you can replace them sooner and at least everyone's got regen. The WW doesn't do much blitzing work here anyway, he's more of a "fast ghoul with regen" ;)
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    DuCTA IV - Fixtures and Standings

    Trying to encourage me to lose so I won't have to play against you again? Hmm.. it's kinda working. :p
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    Tactics Skill Allocation Advice VI

    Since you plan for tackle next, MB is the obvious pick now. Just like on a TG it should help him get those SPP for tackle sooner, and until then he can punch people without dodge just as well as a level 2 TG.
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    Off/On Player looking to be Regular

    Sounds like you've found some options already, so I'll just add another welcome to the forums. :)
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    DuCTA IV - Results

    I think some of those rolls were 3+? (I have some vague memory sometimes about the dungeon ball being spiked and not giving some of the usual +1 on handling rolls)
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    Skaven TV1100 + 6 Normal Skills help

    Oh, right, yea, in my build you should skip the block runner in exchange for a kick runner. (I managed to forget kick :eek:) (Might be cheaper to skip the stand firm on the ogre and add kick on a runner that way)
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    Skaven TV1100 + 6 Normal Skills help

    How about 4 gutter runners, one with sidestep (oneturning), one with block 2 blitzers, tackle and strip ball rat ogre w/stand firm 1 thrower with leader 4 linos 2 rerolls apo (for BH ogre, blitzer, thrower or special runner in first half, or on almost any KO in second half)
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    Chaos Dwarf Chaos Dwarf team questions

    So you are keeping two hobgoblins back from the line, and feeding more blockers there? You could always fire the wrestle kicker (although I usually end up with a kick blocker if he's gotten to four skills without a double/stat) Else I guess pro or dauntless seem nice.
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    Chaos Dwarf Chaos Dwarf team questions

    I got dauntless on my first clawpomber chorf, which was pretty useless (due to unlucky rolling) until he got a smashed collar bone - then it meant I could keep him around and he remained useful. If you play that hobo on defense his might be a spot to waste on the kick skill. (Since you are...
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    Posting for future honor

    Again. *rimshot* :p
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    Tactics Skill Allocation Advice VI

    Yea, Dump-Off on AG3 calls for Accurate and Nerves of Steel in some order. (I'd be inclined to go NoS first if you dump off a lot, else accurate makes him better all-round)
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    Chaos Dwarf Los Toros Locos

    Regardless of version of game I'd probably make sure to bank up some by now - when (ok, "if" for people who are not me) a Bull Centaur dies it's nice to be able to replace them. And Blockers are also a staple that you don't want to hav below 6 for other reasons than MNG on someone with 1+ SPP...
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    DuCTA IV - Results

    Some details wrong in the summary above, but by and large it's a good summary about the large swings - or at least the late game large swing when the ball returned to pretty much where it started by the throw-in, which was of course right next to my own goal. :p
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    Slacker backing is a thing. That's how I caught up with the last Sentinels of the Multiverse backing thing. (Harebrained games I've been on since their first Shadowrun one, so I was well informed about the BattleTech one. Still, good of you to share. :))
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    What tabletop games do you play?

    A friend brought over Planetarium (Game Salute boardgame) last weekend, and it was plenty nice.