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Trophies Awarded to Veggente85

    Blood Bowl > Blood Bowl

  1. Big Crunch 2 Winner
    Awarded: Apr 19, 2018

    Big Crunch 2 Winner

    Points: 10

    Big Crunch 2 Trophy

    Users who have attained this trophy: Regor, notorious noob, Veggente85, Orielensis, stephB, doohickey, Hudd, St Cloud

  2. General Trophies > General Trophies

  3. 20
    Awarded: Sep 21, 2018

    Can't Get Enough of Your Stuff

    Your content has been liked 250 times.

    Users who have attained this trophy: Street, tys123, Regor, stephB, Veggente85, helGn, Sataric, Orielensis, Ilgoth, cjblackburn, mamutas, ManBearPig, Znarx, sbr32, Ravers, TravelScrabble