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Tactics 1.1 Mill. NAF Tournament

Discussion in 'NAF Resurrection Tournament Tactics' started by Doover, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Doover

    Doover Member

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    Hi I´m going to take part in my first NAF Ressurection Tournament in 2 month. It´s my first tournament with these rules so I´m asking for some advice.

    First the Rulesetting:
    - Every Team has 1.100.000 gc.

    - There are some Skillsets to choose. Every team can choose 2 sets.
    Set 1: 3 normal skills on 3 different players. (no Loner)
    Set 2: 2 Skills on the same player. (no Loner)
    Set 3: 1 normal Skill and 1 Double on 2 different players. (no Loner)
    Set 4: 1 normal or Double for a Loner
    no player can be chosen by 2 different sets.

    There are no Inducements so no flings or Goblins.

    I figured out 2 Teams on my own and you are welcome to give some hints how to improve them or to choose something else. Like I said it´s my first NAF tournament so i´m happy for any help.

    Norse: (2 times going for set 1)
    2 Ulfwereners (2 Block)
    2 Blitzer (1 Tackle)
    2 Catcher (2 Dodge) having blodgers is allways nice but only 2 dodge player so the tackle opponents can focus on them.
    1 Thrower (Sure Hands)
    5 Liner
    3 ReRolls
    20k left for Cheerleader and/or Coaches
    Have 12 Player and without a Loner and most basic skills 3 RRs should be enough.

    Undead: (2 times going for set 1)
    2 Mummies (2 Guard)
    2 Wights (1 Tackle, 1MB)
    4 Ghouls (2 Block)
    3 Zombies
    1 Skeleton
    3 RR´s
    30k left for Cheerleader and/or Coaches
    Again 12 Player and no Loner. Missing any Ballhandling but with 2 Guard-Mummies, 3 Mighty Blow and 4 Block players I hope to dominate the brawl.
  2. Grumbledook

    Grumbledook Member

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    can you choose two of the same skill set as you have suggested?

    If so my take on them:

    fairly sensible lineup don't think I'd make any changes skill wise either

    one of the top two performing resurrection teams and is a solid choice

    I would personally swap guard on one of the mummies for the MB wight, having a more mobile guard is very useful
    then I would take wrestle on one of the ghouls instead of MB, gives you another player to combat blodgers and also protects another ghoul
    i've used the same lineup myself to good effect, it pretty much plays itself

    which tournament is it you are going to?
  3. maxcarrion

    maxcarrion Active Member

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    How about a couple of my favourites


    2 Runners
    2 Blitzers both with Guard
    2 Troll Slayer 1 with Mighty Blow
    6 Blockers 1 with Guard 1 with Diving Tackle
    3 Rerolls
    1 FF, 1 Cheer, 1 Coach
    You could also run with 1 less blocker and add 1 reroll and 2 more FF.

    Dark elves
    4 Blitzers 2 Dodge, 1 Tackle, 1 Dauntless
    6 Lineelves 1 Kick
    1 Runner with Surehands
    4 Rerolls
  4. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I would rather get a couple of Witch Elves if playing Dark Elves. It is common for them to only have one or two rerolls and take Leader on a Runner as well.

    Though we don't know what teams Doover has access too so those may not even be options for him.

    I believe Snow Trolls are quite common for Norse teams in tournaments though I can see a lot of merit to not taking one as well. Undead teams pretty much pick themselves and it is a case of taking skills to your own taste and preference. A mobile Guard player does sound useful to have though.
  5. maxcarrion

    maxcarrion Active Member

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    ooh didn't think of that, 2 witches with wrestle and take dodge off 2 of the blitzers, switch sure hands for leader, that'd work pretty well.

    I take it you can't get set 1 and give a player 1 skill and take set 1 again and put it on the same players? For that matter I assume set 2 is 2 normal skills as you've just put 2 skills :p
  6. Doover

    Doover Member

    Country Flag:
    Yes I can choose the same skill set 2 times but each player can only effected by 1 skill set. So only possibility to get 2 skills on a player is with set 2.

    Playing at the "II. Neusser Block". Just had a look at the NAF page and couldn´t find it. There is just the first one "I. Neusser Block". But I´m quite sure they´ll add it there as well.

    It´ll be played in Neuss, a smaller City next to Düsseld orf.

    The Darkelf Rooster would look like that:
    - 2 Witch Elfs (1 Wrestle, 1 Block) [Wrestle to help against Blodgers and the Block ´cause there will be quite some player without block except of Norce and Dwarfs(both)]
    - 4 Blitzer (1 Tackle, 1 Dauntless, 1 Kick) [Tackle for Blodgers, Dauntless for Str.4, all my Liners will be on the LoS so why not giving kick to a Blitzer . Surely would never do that in a League but why not here.]
    - 1 Runner (Leader) [More RR´s are never a bad Idea]
    - 1 Assassin [Had some money left and want to try him. I´ll stick him next to everything with Break Tackle and try to stap every turn. Normaly an Assassin dies to fast triing to stap a Big guy or a strong player but well he´ll come back and maybe I´m lucky]
    - 3 Lineelfs
    - 2 Rerolls [+1 for Leader]

    Just 11 Player and 4 of them with AV7 so good chances that some will be leaving the field but well they are elfs. The Rest should still be able to score. Could switch a RR for the apo but have the feeling I need the RR more.
    Like it....

    so 3 Teams to choose from but still some time to think about it. :bothdown::pow::skull:
    Just need to know which one is the :pow:. :D
    Thanks for the help.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2011
  7. Grumbledook

    Grumbledook Member

    Country Flag:
    I would swap dauntless and kick for dodge on both players

    it will be fare more useful more often and give you 4 blodge types (including the wrestle one)

    you will use dodge far more than either of those skills and the protection factor combined with marking opponents is also better imo
  8. maxcarrion

    maxcarrion Active Member

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    Mmm Assasin, if you want to have some real fun (it might not be the most reliable tactic but I expect a certain amount of horror) ditch dauntless and tackle (take blodgers down with the wrestle witch or a stabbing) and give the assasin multiple block, commence cackling :p
  9. Doover

    Doover Member

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    Thought about Multiple Block as well with the Assassin.... but can´t use it with a Blitz and if you stand next to 2 players your opponent normaly makes sure that you can´t stap them.
  10. Grumbledook

    Grumbledook Member

    Country Flag:
    I wouldn't bother giving your assassin a skill

    there are much better choices for the rest of your team and it spreads the threats out, anyone targeting your assassin means if they do remove him you still keep all your skills on the pitch