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1.2 Mil Dark Elves

Discussion in 'NAF Resurrection Tournament Tactics' started by Santa, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Santa

    Santa New Member

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    Resurrection Tourney 1.2 Mil.
    4X Normal + !X Double skills available
    Should I take a Runner if he isn't a Leader Caddy?

    I'm could have
    1 Runner
    4 Blitzers
    2 Witches
    5 Linos
    2 RR

    2X Wrestle on Witches
    1X Dodge on Blitzer
    1X Kick on Lino
    1X Guard (Double) on Blitzer

    1XWrestle on Witch
    2X Dodge on Blitzer
    1XKick on Lino
    1X Juggernaut (Double) on Witch

    But; without Leader on the runner, is it worth taking him, just for the M7 and Dump Off?

    Would I be better off taking another AV 8 player?
  2. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    I'd take the runner as dump off can save you and you want a MA7 ballcarrier.
    Also I wouldn't take kick. I would put the 5 skills on the witches and blitzers.
    1 wrestle witch , 1 block witch , 2 dodge blitzers , 1 double blitzer ( MB or Guard ).
  3. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

    Denmark, GMT+1
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    Blodge all the way, since you can get 2 RR´s without leader I would not take it. Consider dropping the double or go with MB/Guard. Remember to put blodge players on LOS unless you face dwarfs.
  4. Dionysian

    Dionysian Active Member

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    That's pretty far from an ideal ruleset for delves. I'd never take them here. If you're set on them then I'd skill the blitzers (dodge and guard). Assuming stacking isn't allowed you'll have one normal left over to wrestle a witch. The naked witch is pretty ugly, but should have a slightly higher top end than a naked blitzer. Not a huge amount in it, though. Taking Juggs and Kick would be a much more significant drop in power.