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15% DISCOUNT for all MEIKO MINIATURES - Only on Comixininos

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Comixininos, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Comixininos

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    Dear Blood Bowl / Fantasy Football player,

    It's Fall again and we all spend more time at home... What better than playing some Fantasy Football with friends? In order to allow you enjoy your favorite hobby this Fall, we offer you a special 15% Discount for all the Meiko Miniatures purchased at Blood Bowl Miniatures - Online Store - Comixininos during this October 2013.

    This 15% Discount will be applied to all Meiko Miniatures range. The discount will also apply to all the Sets and Teams of Meiko Miniatures!!!

    Your 15% Discount Code ends the 31st of October 2013 (31/10/13) at midnight (GMT).

    It's a great chance to grab yourself all those lovely items we've brought in during our first year of life as Meiko Miniatures!!! You can also include in your order miniatures and items made by other manufacturers, but in that case the discount will be only applied to the Meiko Miniatures items.

    Your Discount Code is:


    To use this coupon simply register on the webstore, Blood Bowl Miniatures - Online Store - Comixininos (if you haven't already), copy and paste the code into the Discount Code field in your basket when you have selected the items you want, press APPLY and the webstore will do the rest. You could see the total discounted amount grouped at the end of the invoice. You are not limited to one purchase and, indeed, we would ask you to recommend us to your friends with this code!

    Remember though that this code is intended for the webstore only - it does not apply to any of our auctions or shop inventory items on eBay.

    Happy Ordering!

  2. Ken

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    yes... yes...

    this might be enough to sway my better half...