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Skaven 2 Fast 2 Fluffy - the development blog

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Gus Gus, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Gus Gus

    Gus Gus New Member

    South, UK
    Hi guys. Thought I'd start trying to post a regular thread based on my Skaven Team (and yes, I did call them that :)) that I've just started on the Cyanide PC game.

    It'll be handy for post game analysis and tactic reviews and I will do my best to make it as detailed as possible to help me to help you to help me:D

    I played my 3rd game last night and, as I've only just thought about doing this review details are sketchy. I'm gonna gloss over the 1st 2 matches because they were horrible failures on my part. Played Lizardmen at home then away and got pummelled both times. Lost 2 players dead and didn't score at all.

    From a poor start to the league to my 3rd game. It was still a loss at 2-1 and that was really my own fault for not concentrating; should have been 2-3. Twice I made the same mistake - some people never learn!

    It was Skaven vs Skaven last night and it was nice to see a comparable match up with only 10 points difference in TV between us and no big guys to worry about.

    My lineup consisted of

    Gutter Runner x 3
    Storm Vermin x 1
    Thrower x 1
    Linerats x 4 - 1 with Block (the only player to gain a skill so far)
    (+2 Journeymen to make up the numbers)
    3 Rerolls
    Apoc x 1

    Against the usual recommendation I chose to receive in the first half and a high kick got the ball to my thrower straight away.

    The LOS connected and I got 3 back and down results which caused 1 KO and 1 Badly Hurt (oh yes!). GR came back and central and the Thrower lobbed the ball to him - nice catch.

    Dropped a couple of players back just to cover the edges in a loose cage like formation and then used my linerat with block to charge up the field and punch one of his Gutter Runners in the head, took the block result but no armour break. End turn... good start I thought :)

    Will try and review the game later and remind myself how the rest of the game went.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Good luck with the team, hope it goes well!
  3. Ork from Mork

    Ork from Mork New Member

    You should've put kick on that linerat. It's a phenominal skill for skaven and other fast teams like wood elfs. You can look at the record of my skaven team and see the moment I got a kicker because after that I actually started winning games. Getting a blitz and kicking off to your own guy is great!

    Also, wrestle is a better skill on linerats than block. Wrestle brings the other guy down which helps create holes in the line for your gutter runners to get through, plus if your linerat has block and gets blocked, he stays standing up which means he can get blocked again. Taking your own guy down to the ground safely means that he can't get hit again unless he get fouled, but most people won't risk a foul on a linerat. You should put wrestle on 2 of your gutter runners, too, so you can take down ball carriers and knock the ball loose easier. Put block on the other two and use them as ball holders when you can't score yet, because if they get hit with both down and the gutter runner has wrestle, then you'll drop the ball.
  4. RedDevilCG

    RedDevilCG Member

    That's pretty good advice, and sums up how I feel about current Skaven 'meta' tactics as well.