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General Advancing a cage

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Thick Skull, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Thick Skull

    Thick Skull New Member

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    I'm pretty new to BB and although I get the idea of a cage as a shell around the ball carrier, I have more difficulty actually getting a break through my opponents' defence.

    This is I'm sure very subjective, my opponents for the most part have known what they are doing and bashy teams are predictably more of a challenge to pry open.

    I've also mostly been playing dwarves and am perhaps too impetuous for their comparatively steady style of play. Defence seems to be their forte, rather than daring attacks.

    I've been trying to research specific tactics or moves for progressing a cage and have drawn a bit of a blank. Most guides I have seen tend to go rather vague on how to approach tougher teams, stating things like:"you may need to vary your tactics" etc...

    I've picked up that moving sideways is sometimes enough, but I suffer psycologicaly from not being able to move more than a square closer to the TD line.

    My question is, how do I break through a strong or skilled defence?

    I tend to use my Trollslayers centrally, around the main LoS, should I consider moving them wider?

    Grateful for any advice or links to any guides I may have missed.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Are you after something more specific to Dwarfs as you mentioned Trollslayers and different teams will use different methods to advance a cage forward.
  3. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

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    I would use the slayers as free agents, let them roam the pitch and use their frenzy to open the holes you need to advance your gage. And 1 step at a time towards the endzone is just fine, its what dwarfs do. Winning 1-0 is close to perfection if you are a dwarf coach.
  4. Thick Skull

    Thick Skull New Member

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    You're right, I should be clearer -in what I'm hoping to do as much as advice!

    As I'm in a league with a dwarf team, maybe we can start with advice for dwarves.

    I've got 2 TS', 2 Blitzers, a runner and the rest are linemen. Oh and 4 rerolls :)
  5. Thanatos

    Thanatos Member

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    When I play Dwarfs, I just advance slowly. Hitting everything I can and advance teh cage. Make sure teh corners are not in contact with anyone and eventually, hopefully you'll KO a few of their guys and make a hole to slip through and advance the cage faster.

    It might also be nice to have a Blitzer working his way around the edges to try and get within scoring distance in case you need to throw. This is a desperation tactic but you need to have your options open.
  6. Metalsvinet

    Metalsvinet New Member

    Im not playing dwarves but would rather use the frenzy of the troll slayers to crowd push enemy players. Fewer opponents on the field makes it easier to progress towards the endzone. To do that they should work near the sidelines rather than in the middle of the field. If you face a good opponent he will not let you surf his players too easily, but that leaves you some space at the sidelines to advance the cage.
  7. Ian

    Ian Member

    Troll Slayers are great road clearers.

    If you're feeling daring don't be afraid to show your opponent what looks like a hole in your blocking on one side and then, if they bite, plough the other way. So make it a little weaker on your right (for example) and then if they try to apply pressure to exploit it then pound to your left.

    But definitely it's okay to turtle for a few turns and just make as many hits as possible to see if you can start to reduce their numbers.
  8. sunnyside

    sunnyside Member

    You'll want another runner soon. Dwarves have a need for speed.

    One square a turn can be just fine if you start off with the ball far enough forward.

    I'd say dwarves have two primary paths forward aside from small steps.

    One is using their thick skulls and AV. What I mean is that against other teams you can go ahead and mark their other players. They'll probably throw a lot of blocks back, probably 2D ones until you get enough guard. But you can probably take it. If they don't have much block yet they'll eat re-rolls and occasionally cause a turnover. They might also just leave guys in your TZs, giving you the hits you need to open up the field some. Also since getting 2D blocks requires assists, you can try and get them to open up a hole for you (i.e. make them choose between getting those 2D block and letting you advance more than a square or not getting a 2D block). Since most dwarves already have block, and have reasonably cheap re-rolls you can throw 1D blocks with reasonable safety.

    Mighty blow helps with this.

    The second is advancing players behind their lines. The idea here is that you can often open up a small hole in their defensive line. But you probalby can't squeze and entire cage of dwarves safely through it without a bunch of GFIs and maybe a dodge or two.

    if you already have some guys on the other side you can send a runner through to form up with them. Even with only a couple you could set up a sideline cage (though you'll want to stay in the middle as much as you can).

    Careful with sideline cages if stunties or leapers are around. Even if they're throwing a defenders choice block a push is rather likely.