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Wood Elf Advice for developping a fairly advanced Team

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Gio, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Gio

    Gio Member

    Cochabamba, Bolivia
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    Hi guys, our league will soon host a new tournament and I'm thinking about entering a woody team I haven't played in ages. Its current TV is 203, every single elf has got at least 1 skill and many are close to getting a second one. So I just wanted to know what your thoughts are about where I should go from here:
    WD1 Frenzy, Sidestep, Mighty Blow
    WD2 Strip ball, Mighty Blow
    T Accurate, Strong arm
    C1 Block, Sidestep
    C2 Block
    LE1 Block
    LE2 Block
    LE3 Block
    LE4 Kick, Block
    LE5 Tackle, Diving Tackle
    LE6 -1 ST, +1AG
    LE7 Guard
    LE8 Guard

    LE9 Guard, Dodge
    LE10 +1 ST
    2 RR
    1 Apoth
    70 K Treasury

    I have highlighted all the elves that are close to getting a new skill. I was saving some money to either buy a second thrower (to build as a defensive one and to have as replacement for my already very targeted "Longshot") or a third RR. That -1ST Line-elf really annoys me (eventhough he has AG 5 and is close to skilling up). I don't like having too many ST 2 elves on the pitch so I seldom field him (even still he got 2 MVP's). Having 2 Wardancers with MB rules, but I still fear to send them up against Big Guys (most teams have one), thus I was concidering to get Dauntless on the one that is about to skill up. Finally, what should I choose for those 2 Guard Line-elves? Dodge was fantastic on the other one. I know it sounds odd to have chosen Dodge over Block, but that way he is almost as safe on defence and can get to the spot I need the assist easier.
    So, summing up:

    1.- Should I retire Nendir (LE6)?
    2.- Should I get Dauntless on Lockien (WD2)?
    3.- What skills should I get for Herion and Beleg (LE7 and LE8)?
    4.- What should I spend my money on?
  2. Charging Pun

    Charging Pun New Member

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    I don't know too much about woodie teams, since I usually play basher teams. But, where's the tree, dude?
  3. Thanatos

    Thanatos Member

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    1: I would drop LE6 as you already have a huge amount of players. But if you hang onto him I'd develop him as a Pass Blocker, he intercepts on a 4+! Are most other teams in the league passy teams or runny teams?

    2: Dauntless is a great skill to have when you have no BGs of your own.

    3: I would give one of them Side Step, so he can get into some really mean places. And the Other I guess Block.

    4: I would save up for at least one more RR if not two. Then a Treeman but that is a long way into the future.
  4. Gio

    Gio Member

    Cochabamba, Bolivia
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    Played my first game against the Bun Brokers (some mean Orcs) on Saturday. Won 2-0 and earned 40K gp, but they ended up killing Bellsul (LE3) and Nendir (LE6). That pretty much solves my predicament on wether or not to retire Nendir; which is a pity since there's 3 other elf teams (High, Dark and regular ones) and he would have been a great Pass Blocker as Thanatos said.:(
    Lockien (WD2) did go up a level so now he's got Dauntless (watch out for him BG! :cool:).
    Not really a fan of Treemen, plus I don't have the miniature (it would take about 3months to get here if I ordered it, so I've been perpetually delaying that purchase).
    Following Thanatos' advice, I purchased a 3rd RR (really could have used it during the game against orcs!!).
    Next up: Grave Robbers (Undead):eek: (how come I get to play all the Bashy teams first??)
  5. sunnyside

    sunnyside Member

    I guess most of your questions have been answered.

    I'd suggest dodge on the guard elfs for the reasons mentioned. Side step will eventually be a good skill for them. However since they don't have dodge, block/wrestle, or even something like fend I think side step now would tend to just let you decide where they're going to be lying face down on the pitch, which isn't nearly so useful.