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Wood Elf Advice for Open League Development needed

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Runi, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Runi

    Runi Member

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    I'm playing a pretty successful Wood Elf team in an open league at the moment and I'm getting to the point where I'm unsure about what to buy next. Not because I have lots of money; quite the contrary: Im always running low on players and can't do anything about it. The team is quite successful though: In 11 games my statistic is 7-4-0 which means 1st place.
    But after every game I just think "how will I not get totally smashed in the next match - all my good players are missing!"

    So right now I'm thinking about saving up for a treeman to take some hits for the team. But that will mean having to play at least two more matches. I also need to replace a Catcher and ideally a Wardancer, though that's not as important.

    Here is the team so far:

    Bank: 40.000
    3 RRs
    FF 10

    Wardancer: Tackle
    Wardancer: Strip Ball, Side Step, -AV, MNG
    Catcher: -ST, MNG
    Catcher: Nerves of Steel, Sure Feet, Block
    Thrower: Accurate
    Lineman: Guard, Dodge, +AG
    Lineman: Kick, +AG
    Lineman: Wrestle

    Well, thats it. All my other players are dead. So the next match is with four Loners and one Catcher and Wardancer missing.
    Your opinion? What should I do first? Save for the Treeman? Replace the Catcher? The Wardancer is acutally not as bad. He doesn't get knocked down often and even if he is and his armour breaks, he might still just be KOd, so I'd rather keep him until I have money AND a full team...
  2. Viajero

    Viajero Active Member

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    Yeah, that catcher will need replacement at some point but I´d say wait for the Tree first, specially if your league is mostly ag3 teams. It may be 2 or 3 games away though. Nothing you can do now with just 40K anyways, and there is a chance that by the time you get over 90K you may be also over 120K (or just one game difference) so you can review your situation and may have the choice.

    2 or 3 matches are an eternity for elves as they are always one game away from total anihilation, so, wait and see what happens.

    As for the WD, AV6 in my book is hardly a reason to consider replacement for a blodged, strip ball, sidestepper... I d retire him only when he retires himself via a Death, -ST or -AG injury only. You will have to be more carefull using it and think a bit before moving so to avoid leaving it too exposed. I would use it in a safety rol more than a spearhead for attacks from now on. This would have been the role for a stripballer anyways even with AV7, but hey.
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  3. Runi

    Runi Member

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    Thanks for your opinion, that was helpful.
    As for the Wardancer, I think I should clarify that he got that injury in the third game and survived until now, so yes, I planned to keep him from the beginning. Just wanted to mention it so people wouldn't suggest to replace him first. It was only in the last match that he killed himself with a Leap but I used the apothecary to change it to MNG. Apart from that, that Wardancer was quite resilient until now ;).