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Alternate Game Styles?

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by RebelWulf, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. RebelWulf

    RebelWulf New Member

    Hey Gang.

    Sparked by Wyerdo's post about making a Dungeonbowl pitch, i was just wondering if by any chance, anyone had seen any rules for Alternate game styles?

    I do remember Dungeonbowl as a board game but never got to play it - would something similar be able to be made for a strange Blood Bowl game?

    Do rules for it exist?
  2. BoBliness

    BoBliness Member

    London / Perth Australia
    I've played three player and four player of my own house design.

    Three player is horribly unbalanced and difficult to work.

    Four player is wicked fun with some additions/changes to the rules.

    Three player you just get another half a pitch (we used an old foam surfboard and cut it up.) then put it as a 't-junction' to the main board. You have to make it one square wider than normal or thinner, in order to join the board accurately.

    Then you have to mess around with the LOS rules and scoring rules. The way we did it was fun, but messy and I wouldnt recommend it for anythign other than a few one-offs for fun.

    The four player i think had real potential.

    We tried it a few different ways:

    Firstly, you have to decide on board and team configuration.
    We tried using the normal board, with two teams a side, and that was too congested, we tried playing with half a team each, that works pretty well and you can make custom rules for 7 a side teams, that make that work well.

    Then we hit on the cross shaped board. We had the old foam board, so if you just remove the middle section, duplicate both ends and put a big squre in the middle, you've got a cross shaped board.
    Later we just made our own from scratch, we settled on five 11 by 11 square sections set up in a cross.

    Setup rules varied. Eventually we made it that you could set up up to three players in the central square, and we made a deployment stagger so that (hard to describe) you ended up with a triangular deployment from each of the four corners in towards the center. No teams were in contact at deployment, though each team could get one person within one square of the center of the pitch, so they were diagonally in contact if the opposition did the same.

    We tried it as both all on all (which works quite well, though it tends to be very messy, having the ball is scary...three teams after you!) the main problem with that was time. With four teams to play, the turns take forever!
    To fix that you either reduce team size (which makes the board feel too big) or you impose horrible time restrictions.

    In the end we settled for two teams, two on two. With the teams opposite each other being together (opposite on the cross).
    This worked really well.

    The other rules we added:
    Ball is dropped randomly on the center square of the pitch (the one square noone can deploy on) and scatters three times from there.

    No player may deploy within 3 squares of the 'sides' of their length of the cross.

    Deployment in center 'square' limited to three players per team, using the wedge shaped deployment zone I tried to describe above.

    Team pairs take their turn simultaneously, but each coach may only move/control their players.

    Teams designate a 'team captain'. per team (so four total) and a vice captain. The vice captain takes over the captains role should the captain be taken off the pitch (if both are off pitch then you have no captain on pitch)

    Coaches on the same team may only communicate via written note unless their team captains are within two squares of each other. While captains are in proximity they may talk normally.

    Thats the best fundamental ruleset I can offer, the communication rule was awesome. Without your captains in proximity you essentially have to guess what your team-mate will do and you can often surprise each other.
    The other reason to do it is that without that rule, its quite easy to do very nasty things to the opposition, you have a blitz each, and two blitzes can do a lot!

    Scoring zones were marked as 'goals' rather than touchdown lines. You had to score in the central 5 squares of either of your opponents touchdown lines. This makes it a bit harder.

    You only get one pass action per turn for your entire team (so both coaches) and only one hand-off. Otherwise the board length becomes trivial.
    Throwing a teammate does not count as the 'team pass action', though you may only make one 'throw teammate' per team turn.

    It was really good fun and i'm thinking of doing it again when i'm back in aust, maybe put together a more formal ruleset.
  3. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

    Country Flag:
    I'm not a big fan of playing the variants personally but there are a fair few around.

    Street Bowl is popular and there are others like BB7s, Beach Bowl and Dock Bowl. There were also rules for Pub Teams (using only humans) but these need updating for the current ruleset if I remember them correctly.
  4. RebelWulf

    RebelWulf New Member

    Have found copies of the Street Bowl and Dungeon Bowl rules for the original editions of the game, and might give a go trying to mod them up for the Living Rulebook.

    I like them, and its making me ponder buying myself an actual team so i can have some hilarious dungeonbowl games using the 3D dungeon sets that i mentioned in Wyerdo's posts. :D
  5. voyagersuk

    voyagersuk Member

    Street Bowl was only really put into being since Resurrection so the rule set should not be far from LRB-land.

    Maybe if Ramsey(Norse) joins us here he could do it for you.
  6. Fnord

    Fnord New Member

    I remember reading somewhere on the net about a only-humans rookie-draft league variant.

    The idea was to generate some random rookie starplayers pre-season and each team will bid for them in a draft similar to the NBA.

    I have no idea about starting money for the teams, starting roster rules, how to generate the starplayers and so on. But doesn't seem too difficult to implement.

    I sounded like a cool and diferent thing to try for a league.
  7. Patchwork

    Patchwork New Member

    That reminds me, Matt had some rules up on TBB for each roster that made them more customiseable, for example I think high elves had the option of sacrificing two cathers from their max to increase the max number of blitzers. I'll have to see about saving those from TBB later.
  8. dkintheuk

    dkintheuk New Member

    Reading, UK
    Brilliant idea with the four-way game... i'll have to try that next time I play with someone who is likely to enjoy the fun of something different.
  9. voyagersuk

    voyagersuk Member

    Keep it clean DK