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Rules BB2 Update Notes

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Holyvision, Mar 28, 2018.

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    Hey all, this update came out about a day or so ago now. I just figured for ease of access I would copy and paste the update notes here.


    • Fixed a desync issue with the timer that could skip the end of a choice for the active player before it visually ends.
    • Getting disconnected during the inducements phase will let the player reconnects instead of kicking him on the main menu.
    • In ladder, the text about added TV during the search for Goblin and Halfling has been removed (the effect itself has been removed in a previous patch).
    • The reroll timer is now properly displayed for the opponent in multiplayer.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the browsing of pages in manuel seeding with more than 16 teams.
    • Player positional names are now displayed in the advanced management screen in multiplayer league.
    • Fixed an exploit allowing to hire several times the same journeyman.
    • Fixed an issue during the validation of a multiplayer match against an AI.
    • To avoid a potential duplicate matchup in Wissen Mode with a low number of coaches, the maximum possible days is now the following:
      • 10 teams : 5 max days
      • 12 teams : 6 max days
      • 14 teams : 7 max days
      • 16 teams : 8 max days
      • 18 teams : 9 max days
      • 20 teams : 10 max days
      • 32 teams : 12 max days
      • 64 teams : 14 max days
      • 128 teams : 16 max days
    Skills & Gameplay
    • Fixed a bug causing the Leader skill to give 2 additional reroll instead of 1 on specific cases.
    • A player stunned by the "Throw a Rock" event shouldn’t stay one extra turn stunned anymore.
    • The Wizard spell won’t apply the Mighty Blow bonus on the Armor roll and on the Injury roll.
    • The Goblin Fanatic isn’t able to use Multiple Block anymore, as written in LRB6.
    • The Stakes skill should now work properly against the mixed team Afterlife United.
    • Fixed a potential exploit allowing Throw Team-mate to be used on a player not located next to the thrower.
    • Fixed a crash caused by an interaction between the skills Blood Lust and Dump-Off.
    • Improvement of the GUI when the skills Multiple Block and Dauntless interact together.
    • Rerolling the Chainsaw kickback during a foul now properly checks the Loner skill on the Chainsaw player instead of the fouled one.
    • Fixed a bug of Throw Team-mate that didn’t trigger a turnover if the thrower player had the ball and land on an opposing player.
    • Players of the defensive coach won’t use Diving Catch during the kickoff anymore.
    • Fixed a potential freeze of the game during an interaction between Diving Tackle, Tackle and Dodge with the manuel skills.
    • Dump-off can now be used during the first turn of the player on offense if the ball has been caught during the Blitz event.
    • Personal stats reward the thrower for the yards of a pass and not the catcher anymore.
    • On the post-match dice roll tab, armor/injury rolls have been inverted: for example, the armor roll is noted as Success if the armor didn’t broke. Those rolls are still assigned to the team suffering the block. In addition, Piling On is not considered anymore as a roll on its own but as a standard armor roll.
    • Solo saves during a match now save which player did the kick-off in the 1st half-time.
    • Fixed a blocking issue caused by an AI Leap in some specific cases.
    • Ageing is off in Eternal League.
    • Fix of the Resurrection mode in the Franken Cup during an Eternal League.
    • Improvement of the transition after a defeat in a Knockout competition during an Eternal League.
    • Fixed animations of the Goblin Bombardier which could cause a blocking issue.
    • The team sponsor now appears on the global roster page.
    • Fixed a missing arm on Grim Ironjaw during his touchdown celebration.
    • Fixed a display bug on players hair when they have a helmet.
    • Team sponsors logo of the Home player are now displayed on the stadium (behind the touchdown line).
    • Fixed a bug which could prevent the Looney cutscenes to be played.
    • Fixed animations of Throw Team-mate with the Troll from the Goblin team.
    • Decrease of replay files size.
    • The special introductions of certain Starplayers (Morg, Eldril) from the campaign won’t appear anymore in the others game modes.
    • The game will now better take into account the preselected square after the block dice choice during a chainpush.
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