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BC 12 MD-6 Results Thread

Discussion in 'Big Crunch' started by Smakapotomus, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. cjblackburn

    cjblackburn Well-Known Member

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    In a match which makes me glad BBM is down so I can whinge about dice without finding out what really happened the Revolutions hold on to tie 1 1 with the epic orcs. Ending turn 7 with 4 players but still managing to run a defensive TD in should have left me in good stead to win the match. But I ran out of players and the Elfy Orcs Elfed the ball in late in the 2nd half when I had the 'luxury' of still having 5 players. A dead Blitzer and my wonder player now AG 2 rounded off a truly Orcy match.
  2. Landwaker

    Landwaker Member

    Anchorage, Alaska
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    GGWP cj, and sorry about Brutus. Third match in a row with a blitz event against us, but this one wasn't bad; it was failing another rerolled GFI at another key moment that was bad. The draw keeps us in contention, but right now I think the eporcs will be resting regardless of result.
  3. Ging

    Ging Well-Known Member

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    (Ging) Chilli Khorne Kharnage 2 - 1 HogWarps (Silfuin)

    Underworld induced a babe + extra Apo and chose to receive.
    Looked like a good decision too.
    A rock KO'd my Block/Guard pit fighter (who was out until T15) and the HogWarps continued removing my players without breaking a sweat. Think I lost 4 guys in the first 3 turns.
    The ref did eject one of the nasty fouling gobbos, and we managed to injure & surf a couple of players too.
    However the HogWarps we still able to run in the score on T6 without too much trouble. 0-1.

    We got 1 KO back and it was 9 v 9?(?) with 3 turns to try for an equaliser.
    We did get in range, but we got heavily marked and I ran out of time trying to figure out some chain-push shenanigans. 0-1.

    2nd half we got another KO back, so I think we had a 1 player advantage.
    We didn't gather ball clearly and it scattered to an exposed pit-fighter, who got taken down next turn and a gobbo dodged in from nowhere to retrieve the ball in a TZ. We were able to take him down at the 3rd attempt next turn, CAS'ing him in the process, but we couldn't pick it up.
    In the ensuing scramble I think we surfed a rat and eventually got the ball. However a stormvermin then made a 4+, 4+ dodge and 1d knocked down the ball carrier sending the ball into the stands. Fortunately for us it was thrown back into a Khorne TZ. After that we were able to gather the ball and score on T12. 1-1.

    Then seriously nuffle turns on the HogWarps. With it already 9 v 5 its a Blitz! kickoff and we're able to catch the ball. The 1d blitz lets down Underworld and we take the lead on T15. 2-1.

    Next kickoff and exactly the same thing happens - Blitz! kickoff and we catch it again! This time however the 1d blitz takes down the ball carrier and they get 2 TZs on it. We chain push them clear on T16, but then fail the pickup with RR. One chance left for the HogWarps to tie it up, but they fail their last 1d blitz and its all over.

    Thanks for the game Silfuin - really erratic stuff. Some crazy-good dice at some points, then some awful luck at other moments, those two Blitz! kickoffs were cruel.
    Good luck for the rest of the season.
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  4. AndyDavo

    AndyDavo Member

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    Costly 2-0 win for the wood elves. Lost 3 players again this week, 4 if you include the apoth save. Only took 5 cas so it would appear that BH isnt an option! :)
  5. Znarx

    Znarx Courier Staff

    California GMT-8
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    AndyDavo 2 - Me 0 in a game where I was completely outbashed and I think Andy failed only one agility roll in the entire game. And my one foul attempt led to an ejection, versus something like 4 for the Elves, with no ejections. It would have been 3-0, but Andy accidentally hit end turn on T8 when he could have scored with no rolls. I wish BBM was working so I could see how bad the dice were.
  6. TravelScrabble

    TravelScrabble Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada (UTC -4)
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    Cuddly Monsters lose their first match this season 2-1 to Havol's high elf outfit. We almost had an opening in the first half but couldn't down the ball carrier on a 2d blitz and then Hulk triple skulled to leave us open to a stall. We decided to scoe mid way through the second as we were up two players at that point but for a second time in the game the elf made our defense look weak as they easily stalled out to turn 15.

    GG man, hope to play again next season.
  7. Havol

    Havol Active Member

    Sunny California
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    Taking a bribe allowed me to foul at will in first half resulting in a pair of KO's. Once I had the numbers and had spread the D out, it was much easier to stall for the 1-0 score to end the half.

    The monsters went for the win after their drive found me short handed. A bit of elfy maneuvering, however led to the 2-1 result.

    It was a pleasure making your acquaintance, TravelScrabble. Hope to see you on the pitch again soon.
  8. o8oo Anarch

    o8oo Anarch Member

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    Nord - Southwest Voodoo 2 - 1 Wyrmwood

    I would like to thank my opponent Werebat for his good sportsmanship in the face of soul crushingly bad dice. Rough match fella, I wish you better luck for the remainder of the season. Thanks for the match.
  9. Regor

    Regor Well-Known Member

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    Carnival of Nazgull 2-1 Elf Bhed Psyches.

    GG JJape.
  10. Sudonym

    Sudonym Active Member

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    Elven Punishment tie 1-1 with Afterlife. Well played by Hawca; when the elves were healthy, there was little to be done to stop my touchdown or my defense of his return, but Hawca made the most of his bash advantage to stack up the KOs and get the equalizer.
  11. Hawca

    Hawca Member

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    agreed, was a game of 2 halfs. a quick score (3 Turns) maybe pressured a little to stop a further stall? lead to a drive up the field but elven defense is what it is left a 2 GFi and 4+ pass and 3+ catch to equalise at half time, result a fumble.

    the 2nd half I know what needs to be done to stop the woodies. part 1 put the tree out action, and part two get agressive. this lead to an 8 turn score, the 1 TTD was on and a nice push combo left the woodies with a 4+ 4+ 3+ 2+ dodge before GFI's

    with dodge skill was possibly as likely as my first half attempt. (23% vs 20%) all in all a good game of two halfs, and a fair result in my thinking
  12. Muundus

    Muundus Active Member

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    Skin-Flayers take Chaotic Celebrities 2-0 thanks to a brilliant performance by the Star Player Borak the Despoiler in keeping the very scary Charlie Sheen tied up for the entirety of the match. It was a good game all around. Well played Edjapo!
  13. Drakan2.0

    Drakan2.0 Member

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    Satans angels 2 -0 vs throw me a sarnie.
    Coach was treat really rough all round in a match that looked close but alas the dice were with me all match which makes a change lol
    Id love to say i outwitted him with good plays but i was up guys early and made a gap and ran for a td turn 6.
    With coach down a few he couldnt reply so 1-0 first half.
    2nd half was the same pretty much and i was able to get the ball and run away again, the block dice were awesome all match for me and with coach down so many it was hard to defend.
    I was crazy lucky to win and not have dudes deaded lol coach took the nuffleing like a champ though.
    Gg bud and im sure next match will be the other way :)