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BC11 MD6 Results

Discussion in 'Big Crunch' started by cjblackburn, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Hudd

    Hudd Well-Known Member

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    Confirmed 2-1 to the Ravens

    It was actually only one (Dodge/Tackle) Runner who played like an Elf! (for the last 4 turns)

    Turn 13 we were 1-0 down when he dodged, picked up the loose ball in a tackle zone, dodged, blitzed a skink free and scored. I was pretty sure the Lizards would be able to sneak in a quick last minute score, but... after the kick off the same Runner managed a dodge and 2 GFIs, deep into Lizard territory, CASing the skink ball carrier, and catching the bounce.

    Turn 16 saw the Lizards reroll a GFI, then immediately double skull trying to get to him, and there was just time for one more dodge from him to get free and nick a most unlikely win.

    Better luck for the rest of the season, Znarx.
  2. St Cloud

    St Cloud Well-Known Member

    Germany; GMT+1
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    St. Cloud
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    The CATS & the dirty professional BB playing Elves contest a nearly peaceful 1-1 draw. In which Panthera Leo was killed but the Apo smashed his hip to save him. The Elves did just enough Elvie stuff to frustrate the good guys and make sure the Norse couldn't pick up 2.

    Lynx Lynx the grossly undervalued Norse thrower made the final pass to become a bona fide super star as well (the teams third after Leo & Unica) and has grown some massive muscles to help him pick up the ball.
  3. tentaakkeli

    tentaakkeli Member

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    Another game were elves showed some serious lack of motivation! Turn 16 and again only 2 elves on the pitch. I need to have a talk with those lazy bastards... GG St. Cloud
  4. cjblackburn

    cjblackburn Well-Known Member

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    Completely one sided dice won the match for my Zons 3 0 over Niks Chaos Dwarves. I was persistently put in difficult positions but ag3 dodging and ball handling just kept working. Dreamy had the opposite luck removing players with aplomb but they were mostly KO's and whenever he tried something vaguely risky it would fail. Even the consolation TD attempt went badly wrong allowing me to run in my third. You did not deserve that Nik.
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  5. Nikolai II

    Nikolai II Super Moderator Moderator

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    Confirming another humiliating / amusing loss. :p
  6. sbr32

    sbr32 Well-Known Member

    US West Coast (GMT-8)
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    Gangsta Rats 2 :: League of Ordinary Gentlemen 1

    This was a weird one from the start. On Careem's T2 he threw a pass down field to a Catcher, as Elves are wont to do, but Nuffle failed him. The unmarked Gutter Runner I had in front of his receivers intercepted the ball, but of course he had Safe Pass. But that roll failed so Careem used a RR and it passed. Then the Thrower's 3+ launch failed but of course he had Pass. But that roll failed and somehow the ball scattered to LL Cool J, the Stormvermin marking the receiver, who rolled a 6 on the Catch....

    Then the Rats were off.

    Except I went with a slower more patient approach, which I have been trying and failing quite a bit. All of the Rats ganged up around LL Cool J and started a slow roll up the field. There was eventually a handoff to MC Hammer who switched sides and ran up the left flank, but not so quickly as to outrun his team mates. Headsplitter was able to surf a couple of Elves off the pitch, and even though they were able to knock the ball free and Stun Hammer Snoop Dogg was able to swoop in and score on my T7.

    The Elves were not able to get a OTT.

    In the second half the Rats received and when it was clear the Elves weren't going to put pressure on me we once again went with the big ball of Rat rolling down the field. Once again the ball carrier was eventually knocked down and once again Headsplitter surfed an Elf and Snoop Dogg scooped and scored on T14.

    The Elves made a nice pass to get to within one, but weren't able to do anything after the Rats corralled the short kick and ran deep into their own territory.

    Good game Careem and good luck the rest of the way.
  7. Ging

    Ging Well-Known Member

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    (Ikoma) Watership Touchdowns 2 - 2 Chilli Khorne Kharnage (Ging)

    We induced a bribe, and didn't manage a foul all match. :confused: Being down in numbers didn't help with that.

    We chose to receive, got the ball and stunned a couple of elves. Turns out we would do nothing more than a stun until T15... when we managed our single KO.
    Elves first blitz KO's a pit fighter... :rolleyes:
    We make slow progress with the ball, but eventually get within range on T7 and have no option to stall. 0-1.

    Elves get in position for a 2-turn equalizer with no problem. I then try to put a some traffic around their receiving posse but mis-click a herald's movement and he tries a 4+ dodge instead of a GFI. He fails it even with a RR (75% chance of success), then dies. DEAD -> Apo -> DEAD!!!!
    2nd herald to die in our first 5.5 matches. :mad::mad::mad:
    Elves fail a GFI, but successfully RR it, then make the long pass, catch and handoff to equalize. 1-1.

    2nd half, 11 elves v 9 khorne.
    Pit fighter BH on T9, elves score a simple TD on T10. 2-1.

    KO'd pit fighter wakes up, but 11 v 9 still.
    Rock stuns my bloodletter who was my only player without frenzy in a position to make a safe blitz. :rolleyes:
    Took a RR to pickup the ball, but at least we got it safe.
    T11 we're strung out and have to risk a 3+ pass & catch to move the ball to a safer position, but it works. 2 turns later the elves roll snake-eyes on an early dodge and we get the opportunity to barricade ourselves into the corner and stall for the T16 equalizer. 2-2.

    Happy with the draw especially as we couldn't remove any elves.
    Another dead herald is big blow though. Very little development happening on the team.
    Also we had 2 FF before the game, and rolled snake-eyes after the match so no increase in FF. :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the game Ikoma.
  8. Landwaker

    Landwaker Member

    Anchorage, Alaska
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    Orciad 2-1 Baltimore as the eporcs get to cage in comfort and the grind goes smoothly with little for the delves to do but leap in and hope for dice that didn't come. GG Mikko.
  9. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

    Denmark, GMT+1
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    Gentle dwarfs

  10. Phunbaba

    Phunbaba Active Member

    In or about Tucson, Az GMT-7
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    Not for lack of trying. Good game again.