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Big crunch S3 MD2 results

Discussion in 'Big Crunch' started by cjblackburn, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. hungrygnome

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    yep, strings of 1's and double skulls sees me at a 4-0 loss.. knew it was going to be bad when turn 1 was a blitz for the elves...
  2. siggy2021

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    Nordland Division

    Forget Me Now 4 - 1 Team Halloween

    The Elves couldn't hold on to the ball if their life depended on it, failing half their catch rolls. As we all know, dropping the ball against skeezy rats is a big mistake. Forget Me Now was able to capitalize on several of these dropped balls to run in for the score.

    The rats were quite lucky, but they had a rough go at it when the elves decided to break their armor over and over again. Luckily it was mostly KO's, and the only major injury will be healed up after their next game. The elves on the otherhand suffered the death of catcher to the hands of a Rat Ogre.