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Big Crunch Season 8: MD 2 Results Thread

Discussion in 'Big Crunch 2' started by TravelScrabble, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. cjblackburn

    cjblackburn Well-Known Member

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    I just wasn't concentrating at the start. With one claw MB player missing I got my other one fouled of the pitch at the end of turn 1 against Lizards. There was some bad luck but I let Regor go ahead in numbers far too easily and at this level you can't do that. It ended 2 1 but it was not close.
  2. Regor

    Regor Well-Known Member

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    Thks for the game. I really couldn't pass the opportunity to foul your only claw player. That removal helped to have a more secure half, but missing the LB made the difference in that half. 2 Half, when u got some removals, i needed to score, after that is only about damage control. GG
  3. Audren

    Audren Active Member

    East Coast USA
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    Reepicheep's Rovers (Audren) vs Licking Lizardzzz (@Outragingcat): 3-2

    A much-appreciated victory for the Rovers after last week's painful loss. The Lizardzzz received the ball in the first half, but due to unfortunate luck with Saurus blocks in the first two turns, the Rovers were able to surge onto the ball and Baby Carrots the Gutter to score mid-half. The Lizardzz did pull through and manage to return the touchdown turn 8 despite the Rovers' defensive attempts. 1-1 going into the half.

    The patented Skaven 2-turn offense once again goes awry as the Lizardzzz's skinks keep the gutters swarmed, swatted, and on one occasion surfed. However, Robbie Rotten the Stormvermin was able to receive a pass and run it in on Turn 12, giving the Lizardzzz's five turns to score again. Unfortunately for them, the Rovers got a blitz that went all great for them, allowing them to quickly score again. The Lizardzzz got a late touchdown of their own, but too little too late to stop the Rover victory.

    Two Gutters leveled from the match, earning Baby Carrots a +MV and Tater Tots Wrestling.

    Thanks for the match, @Outragingcat Good luck with the rest of your season!
  4. Ravers

    Ravers Well-Known Member

    Reading, UK
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    Nordland saw @St Cloud dismantle my Norse with his Nurgle in a 2:0 walkover. My dice were horrible, by T3 or 4 I had lost half my team and it was just a case of waiting for the final whistle and hoping for no serious cas. Ref did not bother to blow once for numerous Nurgle fouls, (though they are called Refe Rees so I suspect there may be something dodgy there!), so T16 I fouled myself, a nice -Str on a developed pest but regen kicked in to save the day.

    Only plus side my POMB Tackle zerker did manage a cas and a pass to get the 3 SPP he needed to level, rolled 12 for his 4th skill.

    Really getting a bit fed up of all the relentless AV9 in this league though with my Norse, AGI 3 and AV7 it just feels a bit impossible to do anything unless the dice co-operate. And when they don't it can go really bad fast. Anyways, well played St Cloud, sorry if I moaned a bit..Next season I think I will reroll to a sturdier team, I miss my runners so not feeling the Norse love atm.
  5. St Cloud

    St Cloud Well-Known Member

    Germany; GMT+1
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    St. Cloud
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    Nuffle 2 Opponents of the Refe Rees 0

    Yeah your team is going the was of all AV7 after all couple of seasons against decent TV....a couple of stars and make the best outta the rest.

    The injury dice in the first 6 turns decided the match. Everything that happened afterwards was anecdotal.
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