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Lizardman Blackwater Krox Team Reveal

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by Mr. Ghoti, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Mr. Ghoti

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    Hey all, I'm in the middle of finishing up the paint on my Khemri team, as well as nearing completion on an Ork and "Wood" Elf team. In the meantime I touched up my first converted team, rebased them, and even got 2 new cheerleaders to get the crowd roaring! So here's an image dump of the team as it stands. Overhesd lighting is a little bright, and as always orange is a mess to photo, but they are looking pretty darn good to me! I might swap out the shoulder pads on my saurus if i can find some stormcast shoulders i like. Might look a bit better than what i have now.

    Optimized-20190329_193745.jpg Full team

    Optimized-20190329_194154.jpg Skinks

    Optimized-20190329_194355.jpg Saurus

    Optimized-20190329_194504.jpg Kroxigor

    Optimized-20190329_194531.jpg Slibli

    Optimized-20190329_194715.jpg Score, turn, and reroll markers

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    Very nice!