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Cyanide Blood Bowl 2 Bretonnian Skills

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Kylusen, Sep 24, 2015.

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    WooHoo, with the set-up suggested by HappyGrue (3-5-3) I managed to defend the 1-1 tie, thereby progressing to the season championships due to slightly better tiebreaker (TD difference) than my opponent.

    My prize is that I get to face a 1800 TV Chaos Dwarf team with my 1550 TV Brets.
    ...at least the Runner up will also get a prize :D

    Thanks all
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    ...and so, the tale of Noblesse Oblige comes to an end.
    In their first 5-game-season they won every game, and held all opponents scoreless. They proceeded to the Spike! very narrowly defeating their Chaos opponents 2-1 in overtime, when a beastman snaked the GFI that should have crushed the Bretonnian dreams of victory.

    Second season saw Noblesse Oblige win their first 4 games, only to face that same equally undefeated Chaos opponents for a rematch. The result of regulation was 1-1 - just like their previous encounter - but as this was not the finals, the game did not go to overtime. With the final result a tie, Noblesse Oblige proceeded to the season finals due to a better TD-difference than their opponents. Their Prize? The Chaos Cup season finals against a Chaos Dwarf team with 270K higher TV, themselves undefeated in their own group - and winners of the Dungeon Bowl of the previous season.

    The Brets hired Zug, evening out most of the TV difference, and lined up for the first offense - only to get Blitz!'ed by the bloodthirsty CDs. Fortunately, the Bretonnian players and their head coach were quite used to finishing broken plays. They managed to make a break down one side, and while the evil dwarves quickly deplete their numbers to just 6 players (1 dead blitzer, 1 badly hurt yeoman, 1 badly hurt lineman + Zug and a lineman KO'd) - a valiant Bretonnian blitzer made his way to the endzone, KO'ing a Chaos Dwarf on the way.

    Sweet as the Touchdown was, it played right into the grubby hands of the Chaos Dwarfs. 5 turns to score was plenty - and the game was headed into the very predictable 2-1 grind. Only real good news was that the referee had been harsh on the opposing dirty players, sending off 2 of them.

    The teams lined up, and that's when the Chaos Dwarf fans intervened. While allowing a quick score may well have been part of the CD coach's playbook, the fans didn't like it at all. A bitter fan threw something from the stands, hitting a Chaos Dwarf blocker squarely between the eyes - killing him! Not only that, but they adjacent minotaur was so flustered that it forgot to block the lowly Bretonnian defender, and finally the Bull Centaur proceeded to fumble the ball! The Bretonnian coach had run many scenarios in his head prior to the kick-off, but none of them ended up in the Chaos Dwarfs being outnumbered.

    Seeing that overtime would likely not benefit his players, the Bretonnian signalled for a very aggressive defensive play. Two Bretonnian blitzers descended on the ball, and while one of them managed to trip on his way there (twice!) the Remaining Bretonnian blitzer stood up to multiple blocks and blitzes, heroically (and rather improbably) staying on his feet and preventing the Chaos Dwarfs from getting at the ball. The drive degenerated into an ugly scrum, and with a staggering number of non-POWs the CDs saw their chance to score dwindle, and then vanish completely. On their second to last turn of the half, they desperately burned their reroll trying to crush the Bretonnian blitzers - and then promptly double skulled on the following block. This allowed the Bretonnian blitzers to clear the way for a opportunistic yeoman, who scooped up the ball and scored a devastating touchdown. A 1 TD halftime lead would likely have ended in an overtime loss for the Brets - but with a 2 TD lead suddenly there was massive pressure on the CDs just to make overtime. Not only that, but as the dwarf knocked out in the first quarter did not recover neither for injury time nor for second half, the CDs were outnumbered 10 to 11.

    The shaken Chaos Dwarfs gritted their teeth for a brutal second half, and the kick-off went a lot better. This time the ball was recovered, and the CDs started the long grind down the pitch. The Bretonnians for their part did not try anothing particularly risky. Instead they dug in, playing conservatively, and making the Chaos Dwarfs fight for every yard - all the while precious seconds ticking away. A few turns in the minotaur was chainpushed to the sideline, and as it roared angrily rather than get away it was promptly pushed into the stands. However, the Bretonnian players had overextended slightly to get that hit on the minotaur, and the ball carrying bull centaur started down the other side of the pitch. The hulking figure of Zug did look briefly like it would be a dangerous run, but a lone Chaos Dwarf blitzed Zug(2 dice uphill) and killed him outright! While this cleared a temporary path, the Bretonnian defenders were quick to fall back and close the gap.

    The bull centaur would no doubt have made it into the endzone on turn 8 as it was trained to do - but in this game 2 touchdowns were needed. Faced with the merciless ticking of the game clock, the CDs had to try a passing play (bull to bull) to get around the Bretonnian defense, but the ball went into the stands, and thrown back towards midfield, where the Bretonnians recovered it, securing the win. The defeated Chaos Dwarfs did some blocking to at least try for one TD, but as an early block came up double skulls a Bretonnian blitzer could catch a hand-off and run in the third touchdown right at the buzzer.

    A rather unexpected match result, and a fitting and to the glorious story of Noblesse Oblige, who join the ranks of my most succesful BB teams.
    12 games. 11 wins and a tie. 2 trophies. TD difference 26-2.
    The dead blitzer was posthumously awarded the match MVP, as is costumary.

    While it is tempting to play them a third season - still plenty of room to grow the team - I'll give them a break.
    I've played Brets for 2 years now. And besides - I wouldn't want to tarnish their reputation with the inevitable string of losses. After all, the team has been quite blessed by Nuffle - and we all know that Nuffle is a fickle b....!
    Thanks for following the team and giving your advice on skill selection.
    Martin :D
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