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Blood Bowl 2 leagues on PC

Discussion in 'Blood Bowl 2' started by Nikolai II, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Nikolai II

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    This is a thread just to list some of the possible Cyanide leagues to play in.

    Leagues will get edited into this post if you post them in this thread.

    Edit: Inactive links removed 18 May 2020.


    BBT leagues

    All BBTactics leagues are all international. Coaches from all time zones are welcome to join. The scheduling is run such way that at least one weekend is available to schedule trans continental games.

    Big Crunch 2 [BC2]
    A big league with 90 teams spread over 9 divisions. Big Crunch 2 is a perpetual league with a gentle start as the lowest divisions are designed to be filled by a majority of new teams. There is a long tradition of extra content with player bounties and a Big Crunch newspaper among other fun.
    Standard teams only. 10 teams per division.
    President: @Ilgoth
    Forum: Big Crunch

    Munch Cup [MC]

    Competition style short term league with possibility of long term team development. It allows stadium upgrades and has a player market.
    There is a Muncher ladder competition available for off-season team training.
    The cup consists of two stages: Round Robin with 8 teams per division, and Knock Out with top 4 teams from each division playing in single elimination format. (And a Swiss draw style "Spoon" tournament for the teams that did not qualify)
    Standard teams only.
    President: @mamutas
    Acting President: @LloydsGamble
    Forum: Munch Cup

    International leagues

    Orca Cola Championship
    Has started OCC2 to allow for BB2 play. Chat at https://discord.gg/Eerkxnh
    Prizes (games donated by other coaches) available.
    Orca Cola Championship

    Iron Phoenix Blood Bowl League
    The IPBBL hosts four BB2 divisional leagues. Copper (new teams only), Silver (max 1550 TV), Gold (max 1900 TV), and Immortal (1910+ TV). Our community is small (approx. 20 active coaches) but the level of competition is engaging and almost none of the coaches are asshats. Come check us out if you need to satisfy more of your Blood Bowl urges.
    Info & signup for the league & forums
    Code of conduct: http://iron-phoenix.freeforums.net/board/15/code-conduct
    Contact @comfort_eagle for more details.

    Reddit Eternal League (also GMan Euro League and the Big O)
    Reddit hosts three BB2 leagues, the Reddit Eternal League, the GMan Euro League and now also the Big O Aussi/Asia league.
    Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/ReBBL/

    Inner Circle Blood Bowl League
    ICBBL - Timezones GMT+1 and UTC-8, likes using voice chat and has a three tiered structure.
    Discord channel: www.discord.me/MGEXC
    Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/icbbl
    Sign up in: https://steamcommunity.com/app/236690/discussions/0/358415738213657350/

    European leagues

    UK Blood Bowl League
    UKBBL is mostly UK based players but accepts anyone that will play during GMT friendly hours.
    The current BB2 league has limited places and is in a testing mode before the main league transfers

    Franco Bowl
    French speaking league : One game every 10 days, 6 teams per division, play-offs for everybody and 3 seasons a year.
    Player ageing is on, the player marketplace is on.
    If interested create an account on: http://forum.francobowl.com/

    German speaking league : League system changes based upon number of participants. All teams in the league get reset about every five seasons, to protect against the league becoming a "high TV mode" zone.
    You can get more informations at:

    American leagues

    Hosts BB2 leagues for players with primary playtimes in North/South American time zones (-5 to -8 GMT ish). They have separate leagues for new teams and established teams. Each league has a regular season with the best teams going to a knock out style playoffs to crown a champion.


    If you have any further information about any of the above leagues, or links to them or other leagues, please post in this thread.
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  2. Counterfeitcast

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    Hey guys,

    The National University Esports League (NUEL - thenuel.com) are going to be doing a UK student-only two-time per night once a week online Blood Bowl 2 competition every Tuesday alongside a weekly commented stream at twitch.tv/thenuel covering the last week's top games.

    The competition will take place over the course of 10 weeks starting this coming Tuesday 21st of April (signups closing the day before), with Swiss followed up by top 8 playoffs.

    There's no entry fee and prizes of £85 worth of gift cards between the top 3 finishers. Coaches will need new teams with no race restrictions, and any level of experience is welcome.

    I'm personally really hoping that we can make a success of this first-ever NUEL BB season so as to get Blood Bowl 2 in as a regular fixture of the NUEL's tournaments, so if you have the time and are a UK-based University student please do come and join in!

    Thanks for reading!
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