Blood bowl game, Career mode


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Hi guys.

French people really like blood bowl, and we are running an online game since years, where you can play blood bowl in a career mode (playing one or two players/coachs).

We are now trying to see if English speakers could be interested to join us :)

The game is actually in full English and the Discord is doing a lot of effort to try to speak both languages as well !

To summarize quickly :

- You are playing a player.

- You have to find a team (using Discord is a good idea), or create a new one if you are some friends available.

- A game is one week long, and you have an action each 10-12h. It's not turn based, everybody plays in the same time, depending on its own player timer.

- We just started season 10!

- It's a fan based game, running in the browser and completely free.

Any feedback is really welcome :)

The site : enefel2