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Goblin Bombers-How to use them

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Blackhandsaint, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Blackhandsaint

    Blackhandsaint New Member

    I've recently started up a Goblin team and while I'm enjoying them immensely (especially with the recent buffs), I find myself perplexed as to how to use the bomber. Short range aside, it seems like it's way too easy for the opposition to catch the bomb and toss it back. On top of that, the bomber doesn't have normal access to passing skills so he can't reliably get Hail Mary Pass. I guess one option to mitigate the throwbacks would be to toss the bomb into an empty square, but that makes the bomb explosion even more unreliable and denies you the on target auto-knockdown. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am considering purchasing one after my next game.
  2. Ork from Mork

    Ork from Mork New Member

    What's the best way to use a bomber? Don't. Sure, every great once in a while they'll blow up a cage and send the ball flying, but moments like that are very few and very far between. Most of the time he'll just blow himself up and usually a couple of his teammates, as well. He's also very easy to shut down by the opponent. All they have to do is put a guy next to him he gets yet another penalty for throwing and if you dodge away, you can't throw a bomb because they can't move and toss a bomb in the same turn. Not to mention the fact that bombers are reroll hogs. I hate them. I decided a long time ago to not replace my bomber when he dies. Of course, the little bastard won't get killed now that I want him dead.

    If you really want a bomber on your team, I suggest you do what you can to induce Bomber Dribblesnot. He has accurate so he's more reliable.
  3. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Sounds like you are trying to target specific players with the bomber.

    I think they are more effective if you through it around a group of opposing players. Land the bomb next to 2 or 3 of them and you won't have to worry about it being thrown back.

    If you are using him for the last action of your turn though, then you can use some sacrificial goblins to put tackle zones on an opposing player and then throw it directly on them. This makes it less likely that they will catch the ball and if they do then they are more likely to fumble it passing it on again. If they have a few team mates around them as well then all the better. With Dodge and Stunty you can dodge a couple into a cage next to the ball carrier and then through the bomb at the ball carrier and on average take out two of the cage corners as well.

    The other thing to bear in mind is the AG of the opposing players, an AG1 player is quite unlikely to catch it compared to an AG4 elf. Like all the goblin secret weapons the bomber is more effective against low agility caging teams, while when you consider the chainsaw, that causes more damage against lower armoured players who are hard to knock over cause of Block and Dodge. So don't expect the bomber to work wonders against every team you face.

    Hope that helps.
  4. sunnyside

    sunnyside Member

    First I would say bench them on offense. In that case they are, in my opinion, more of a liability than an asset.

    When it comes to defense however, I ask what your current plan is for turning the ball over? If you can't stop the other team from scoring you can't win, even if you score every time you recieve (if you're wondering about that, I bet this site has an article on the 2-1 grind somewhere).

    I haven't played many goblin teams, but too often their defensive plan involve defenders choice blocks. And if the target is a blodger with sure hands you aren't going to be getting much out of that. That or hurling gobbos at the ball carrier.

    What a bombadier provides is an effective though unreliable method of cage busting. Most turns it isn't going to work. But it means that stalling is much more risky for them and you'll occasionally blow a hole in their defense.

    Unless you're throwing at ag1 targets, I'd target an empty square. Such as the square adjacent to the ball carrier and two cage corners.

    Usually the ball will go wild, but again hopefully every now and than you'll blow up something good.

    Note that if you've somehow come up with a goblin defense that can reliably stop the offense of cagey teams, than the bomber is probably a poor choice.
  5. Ian

    Ian Member

    I just played against a Goblin Cheaters team on FUMBBL and the answer to "how to get the most out of your bomber" seems to be "Have a lot of re-rolls and get ready to burn through them." :p

    The 2-1 Grind