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High Elf Catcher - Late Season Development

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by outcaarst, May 5, 2010.

  1. outcaarst

    outcaarst New Member

    Hello 2gether, after long time lurking, here my first post and question :)

    I'm playing in a 20team TT-league LRB5.0 and i am quite successful with HighElves (WDL 12-4-2).
    Yesterday a catcher get level6 and got an normal skill. Now i can't decide what to choose und would like ur advise

    He already has: Block, Dodge, Guard, Side Step

    My considerations so far
    Fend: Very nice Kombo with Side Step, but with his Guard Skill i use him more as a blitzer than a ball-receiver.
    Tackle: To maximise his blitzing qualitites
    Strip Ball: self explaining

    also Frenzy and Dauntless come into my mind. So i hope u can help me out :)
  2. Ian

    Ian Member

    If you use him as a blitzer/safety alot then I think I'd go with Tackle. Help you deal with them pesky dodgers. :)
  3. VoidSeer

    VoidSeer Member

    I'd give him Shadowing. It goes well with the high movement and the guard/side-step combo.
  4. drester

    drester New Member

    as you use him as a blitzer then tackle or strip ball would be of more use but it would depend on how much dodge you play against as to which to get first. it might be worth considering sprint or sure feet after the above to maximise blitzing range and targets.
  5. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

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    I would go with Tackle as I figure most ball handlers in your league have Sure Hands after 15+ games
  6. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Welcome to the forum, as for the skill choice I would take Diving Tackle or Tackle.