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Halfling Chef's Halfling Strategy

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by chef, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. chef

    chef New Member

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    I'm new here. Brand spanking new. So new that this is my first post. I wasn't even going to register until i saw only one halfling tactics post, and read that the guy didn't even leave room for a master chef. Quite appalling.

    So I decided I would give some insight into my success with flings. I don't win every game, but I do win more than I lose, and that's saying something with flings.

    It is so typical of Games Workshop (even if it ISN'T one of their three best sellers) to take a team that was once SO good (LRB4) and turn it into one of the worst teams (Now).

    For starters, no free master chef, and the master chef you pay for now only works half the time. In LRB4, if i spent 100k on the master chef, that would be minus 11 re-rolls.....

    Another big change I'm not fond of is the cost of Deeproot Strongbranch. In LRB 4, one could hire Deeproot for 90k for a single match. Now it is more than three times that price!

    In addition, Dirty Player is now only plus one, you are much more likely to get sent off the pitch for fouls, and the opposing team can foul you back without worrying about taking the eye off of you.

    So all in all, LRB6 is terrible for halflings. The guys who were once the underdogs are now just beat.

    There are a few ways to remedy this, however.

    One of the biggest things I stressed to new coaches in LRB4 was to hire deeproot for your first game; he really helps to jump start your team and get them headed in the right direction. There is a way to do this in LRB6 too, its just more expensive.

    Of course you are going to want a master chef as well. So in total, this means you need 400k for inducements. This means you need to make your TV 800 exactly. You will have 200k left in the bank and will get 200 more from inducements.

    A roster might look like this:

    2 Treemen 240,00
    11 Halflings 33,000
    Apothecary 50,000
    3 Re-rolls 180,000
    200,000 in bank

    With Deeproot, this is 14 players total, more than enough to not get outnumbered too badly.

    Look ma! Three trees! This means no flings should have to start on the line of scrimmage this game. My typical set up looks like this.



    The fling in the middle on the LOS is either Deeproot or a 0SPP fling, depending on if you have deeproot or not.



    Same thing here.

    ALWAYS try to keep a fling in a directional position on a tree (N,S,E,W). This makes sure that STR 3 teams cannot get a 2 die block unless they deal with the fling first.

    For a purchasing schedule, your priority is keeping the roster at 15 for all games. If you have spare cash left over after buying replacements, save up for another re-roll. Then, after the re-roll, buy 5 cheerleaders and 5 assistant coaches. I know this goes against the grain of what is normally taught in most tacticas, but what this does is makes sure that you NEVER lose a cheering fans or brilliant coaching roll unless the other teams has cheerleaders or coaches themselves. And flings all all about that re-roll denial. After this, you can start saving up to hire deeproot again.

    Though this doesn't necessarily have to do with purchasing schedule, it still needs to be said. NEVER USE YOUR OWN GOLD ON A MASTER CHEF. That's right. Master chef should only be bought with inducements. However, you will need one every match. Which means that you should ALWAYS play someone with at least 100 more team value than yourself. Always. If this makes you uncomfortable, then you shouldn't be playing flings.

    Another thing that needs to be said: cherrypick like there is no tomorrow. Avoid teams with tackle and try to play as many teams that have AV seven as possible (wood elves, amazons and norse all come to mind). You might also find that you are the result of cherry picking yourself. Let this happen! Generally, the teams that will want to play you are the low AV teams, since they think they can bash their way through you. Show them that they are wrong!

    Which brings up another point; FOUL. It is the great equalizer. A halfling team that doesn't foul is like a halfing team that doesn't eat. Fouling is their bread and butter so to say.

    As for skills, it's really up to personal taste. I like making everyone the same myself. Diversity is for American high schools, not halflings. Not that there is much to diversify with anyways.

    Treemen get Guard, Break Tackle, then Multiple Block. Sometimes I'll take Juggernaut instead of Multiple block.

    For doubles, Block is the only way to go. On a second double, I have a hard time choosing between Pro, Leader, and Sure Feet. They all have their advantages, it's up to the coach.

    On 55 take block, 64 take movement. Ignore 56 and 66 is a awesome awesome gift. Always take Strength.

    Flings get sidestep (I like pushing people out of bounds), catch (for hand offs), sure feet, and diving tackle, though not always in that order since it is rare for a fling to get that many SPPs before kicking the bucket.

    For doubles, almost always you should take dirty player. Then you would take sneaky git on top of it. Fouling is the way to go with flings.

    55 take the double. 64 take movement. 56 is a godsend for flings like 66 is for trees. 66 is interesting. Hope for a doubles after this so you can take block and he becomes a great cage breaker.

    That's really all i can think of so far. This post will probably be edited many times as more things come to mind. I apologize for not being the most eloquent of writers, not really my thing. I do hope that this shines some light on halflings and shows that they can be somewhat decent if played right.
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  2. Barninho

    Barninho Well-Known Member

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    I assume you're talking about me, and I admit I'm a lot newer to this than you, but I never said I wouldn't leave room for a master chef. The whole point of my post is that it's a team blog though, I'm not trying to tell anyone how to play, its just there for them to read if they need it. Also how do you get 400 inducements in a TV 1000 league? The only way to do that is with the 600 TV roster I posted.

    I'm actually only drawing on my experience over the last couple of months, but the fact my first opponent could have a TV lower than 1000 is why I'm considering different options. I'd love Deeproot, but if I only have 250k in inducements he'll be out of my price range in which case a wizard/chef combo is likely.

    So I'll be the first to admit I'm likely to make some appalling choices along the way, and I'm glad you're doing well with them. Again, that's the point of the blog. I can't compare them to previous halfling team incarnations but I really enjoy playing with halflings, and while your advice is good, it's not a million miles from what I was considering if you read my blog properly.

    Having said that, it was nice to read your post and get a new perspective. Just wish you hadn't referred to my blog as appalling. I think you're writing style is great by the way, and you make some interesting points, but I think you're the only person who mistook my post as a tactics thread telling people how to play them.

    The main point of the game is to have fun, which I intend to do and document it in my blog. That is all...
  3. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Hi chef, thanks for signing up and posting your thoughts on Halflings.

    You mention LRB4 quite a lot at the start and mention the changes. Halflings were given too big a boost in LRB4 so they were toned back down a bit. Obviously the cost of Deeproot (and all the other star players) went right up due to the introduction of Inducement money as well.

    Moving on from that you give some good pointers though it seems your guide is aimed at using Halflings in an open free for all league. You've not accounted for other gaming environments where you can't "cherrypick" games. I'm not fond of deliberating picking game and avoiding certain opposition, that isn't Blood Bowl in my eyes!

    Despite all that there is some useful things in there, though I think you should try and step out you comfort zone and take on all comers!

    Also Wrestle is better than Block for a +ST Halfling who runs into a cage to go after the ball carrier. I look forward to hearing anything else you come up with while you get to grips with the rule changes. It is probably better to post those as a new reply rather than edit your post though. Editing can cause disruption in the flow of conversation and it can also mess up embedded play creator diagrams that you have included.

    Good luck on the development!
  4. Barninho

    Barninho Well-Known Member

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    Just read my post back and not only did I make room for a Master Chef I included it in both possible rosters and invented a fictional one for the team called Yorgen Torgenshmorgen...

    Having said that I'm worried my reply may have been a little negative and I will say that your formations are something I'm definitely going to try. The kicking one especially.
  5. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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  6. chef

    chef New Member

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    I was in fact referring to the halfling strategy post and not your blog. I would however love a link to your blog. The post you made was quite a while ago, you've undoubtedly evolved since then.

    The post wasn't quite appalling. I just like using big words. Makes me feel special. I was actually quite impressed that you had stepped up to write a strategy for halflings, a task not many people try to tackle.

    I do however have to own up to a mistake in my original post: I forgot the extensive amount of house rules that my group of buddies uses, one of which is that petty cash does NOT count towards your team value, among many many others (like crowd push injuries get SPP :D). Once you've played with them for so long, it makes it hard to remember other people don't use them :D For this i apologize and actually pretty much renders the bit i said about using deeproot and master chef pretty much useless.

    A TV 600 team could work. Though I've never done it myself, it would be sacrificing the apothecary, two re-rolls, and a fling. This might work VERY well actually, since you have enough funds to replace ANY player that dies in the game. I think I like this option more than the masterchef/wizardbuild, even though the latter build could let you start with some FF which might help in re-roll denial.

    Also, having played BB for so long i tend to forget about wrestle. I agree that it would work better on a +S fling than block.

    So basically, I'm a dunce who over-reacted at the lack of so few halfling strategies and forgot about house rules. Once again, apology given a million times for that. Although I feel like the other parts that aren't the starting line-up could still be helpful.

    Once again, sorry for being such a dummy.
  7. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Easily done chef, no harm done, all discussion can be useful though.

    I should hopefully cover Halflings by the end of the month (if not a lot sooner). I had planned on getting them done before Legendary Edition got released but real life got in the way. I left them to last due to the well known coverage of them by Tom Anders on one of the Blood Bowl podcasts. I think that interview is the reason why there isn't much discussion on Halflings.

    If you do think of anything useful to add though in the future then please let us know!
  8. Barninho

    Barninho Well-Known Member

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    Sorry mate. I feel like a dunce also. My blog is in the team development section of the forum entitled Team Blog - Halflings, and I am afraid I completely misunderstood what you meant and took it personally for which I apologise profusely.

    If you do manage to take a look I would really appreciate your feedback mate, as you certainly have more experience with them than I do, and like I said, I love the formations especially. I have been flirting with various setups and yours beat mine into the shade. They make so much sense to me and I would imagine I am likely to nick them if you've no objections.

    To put it in perspective, I have searched high and low and found nothing I liked anywhere near as much as your Kicking and Receiving Setups. I'm really looking forward to testing them...