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Comixininos Black Friday: 30% OFF All Meiko Items - Only 4 Days

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Comixininos, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Comixininos BLACK FRIDAY already ACTIVE!!! :D :D :D

    Only 4 Days! From Thursday to Sunday!!! ⏰⏰⏰

    All MEIKO Items >> 30 % DISCOUNT!!!

    All the other Manufacturers >> 20 % and 15% DISCOUNT!!! Please read below to find out discount for each manufacturer.


    Dear Fantasy Football gamer,

    We’re glad to let you know that we decided to offer our second Black Friday. Last year we offered our first one and the acceptance received was really good. So why shouldn’t we offer a Black Friday this year?

    All the Meiko items will enjoy a 30% DISCOUNT. This discount will be applied to all the Meiko items: Meiko Dice (Block Dice, Skill Dice and d6 Dice) and Meiko Miniatures: Meiko Teams, individual miniatures and Sets of miniatures, like for example Sets of 2 Players or Sets of 4 players of more that you will find at our store.

    Other manufacturers will enjoy a 15% Discount. That means Willy Miniatures, RN Estudio, SP Miniaturas, Rolljordan, Black Scorpion, MK 1881, Fanath Art, Mano di Porco, etc. Everything with a 15% Discount!

    Did I say everything? That’s not true! There are several brands that will enjoy a better discount than that. They are the following ones:

    KR Multicase Travel Bags >> 20% Discount

    Baueda Miniatures (Female Dark Elves and Female Orcs) >> 20% Discount

    Useful Bits like Shoulder Pads and Heads by several manufacturers (Spellcrow / Maxmini / Helldorado and Tabletop Arts) >> 20% Discount

    And that’s not all!!! We decided to encourage you to play alternative Sport Tabletop Games: Guild Ball, Dreadball and Kaos Ball. All these items enjoy a 30% Discount and there are very few units left. So hurry up if you wish to get any of these items!!!

    Take into account that you have ONLY 4 DAYS to enjoy this offer!!! This promotion is already active and ends Sunday November 26th (26/11/17) at midnight (GMT).

    As you will see, all the discount are already applied to the retail prices stated at our online store. This offer is limited to the items we have currently in stock.

    It's a great chance to grab yourself all those lovely new ranges we've brought in over the past couple of years as well as all your old favorites! You can also include in you order miniatures and items made by other manufacturers, but in that case no discount will be applied for those items.

    Happy Black Friday Ordering!

    Comixininos - Your Fantasy Football Online Store