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Counter strategy against Wizard?

Discussion in 'Blood Bowl 2' started by patbou73, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. patbou73

    patbou73 Active Member

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    As the title says. Opponent got 40k inducements, so it was a somewhat fair matchup (Amazons vs Undead). But he used 110k from treasury (out of 120k) to pay for a Wizard, and suddenly the matchup wasn’t fair anymore. I successfully prevented him to score a TD in the first half, but the Wizard screwed my offense, and I lost 0-1. :(

    What could have I done differently?

    Also, how can I force an opponent to score quickly? If I could have had 3 or 4 turns on offense in first half, maybe he would have wasted his Wizard for nothing at that moment, and then I could have played my offense unhindered in second half...
  2. Gallows Bait

    Gallows Bait Super Moderator Moderator

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    Gallows Bait
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    The main risk with the Wizard to your hand plan is if your ball carrier is tightly caged, then it provides the perfect target for a fireball (3x3 potential area affected).

    The best counter to this is a looser cage or a screen, ideally multiple layers to achieve the same or similar protection through tacklezones between the opponent and your carrier. Having that looser formation makes any fireball less effective.

    The other risk, though smaller is the lightning bolt. It only targets one square so will usually be aimed at your ball carrier. This can be disruptive but usually won't stop you scoring unless your ball carrier is isolated. For example if you have just one catcher in your opponent's half and you want to pass to them, unless they can reach the endzone and score the TD immediately after catching the ball, they're going to get blasted the following turn. This means you need to have other players around to recover the ball or assist your receiver.
  3. BallztotheWalla

    BallztotheWalla Active Member

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    The general counter is looser cage + back up carrier.

    Always mind where the ball can scatter to when bolted and try to increase the possibility that it scatters into coverage but be mindful of over crowding since if it lands on a player it will scatter again etc..

    forcing the score with zons is either just about pressure the the cage into a corner or using your dp’s to just foul the players left behind (not so good against undead unless they left some positional behind)
  4. notorious noob

    notorious noob Well-Known Member

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    As long as the opponent doesnt have any real capabilities to steal the ball after a bolt you simply use screens instead of cages. Do keep in mind you need a double screen as they can bolt+blitz. The more dangerous and difficult situation is against a team like skaven or woodies who can actually recover the ball after a bolt. Here you are kind of forced into playing into the fireball as it but it is a balancing act that you kinda have to figure out on the spot and no real hard rules.