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Crunch Cup 15 Playoff Time

Discussion in 'Crunch Cup' started by Nikolai II, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. akirilus

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    I think I understand what you were aiming for. Just from my perspective, playoffs being a "one-game-at-a-time" affair, it's always about the next matchup - and felt like my reward for doing relatively well in the group stage was to face one of the hardest opponents left in the competition, severely limiting the chances of advancing even once; compared to teams that kinda wandered their way into the elimination stage. Hence why it felt "unfair", if such a term can be applied to seeding.
  2. Nikolai II

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    I do see what you mean, and I can only say that I should have spent more time considering and managing the seeding. (Preferably preplanning the entire thing from day one). I haven't been able to (through lack of time and or energy) to handle the Crunch Cup at all, so it is time to pass on the reins to the one who has had to do all the day-to-day heavy lifting, so he can manage the cup without my dastardly meddling.
    (Nota bene - I'm not upset. I admit to my mistake, and if I had more time and energy it would either not have happened, or I'd have picked up the pieces and gone on to not make the same mistake again. Now I'll leave that in Znarx capable hands instead, and retire to the more mellow post of mere moderator. :))