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Crunch Cup - The Rules

Discussion in 'Crunch Cup' started by Nikolai II, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Nikolai II

    Nikolai II Super Moderator Moderator

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    Crunch Cup: The Rules

    Core rules:

    1) All coach signing up with a team accepts that all matches should be played, that sportsmanship and fun are important, and that times and deadlines are to be respected.

    2) A coach signing up with a team knows the second post of this rules thread by heart. The second post will list common or dangerous bugs or occurrences with the Cyanide Client, if there is is any official Crunch Cup stance on how to handle them.

    Team entry:

    3) Teams applying to Crunch Cup will normally only be accepted if they meet the one of the following criteria:
    1. a) The team is newly created and has eleven players or more.
    2. b) The team has played previously within Crunch Cup or affiliated leagues. This includes CTALE, or any playoffs (like Crunched Cup) the team might have qualified for. (But also BBT novelty leagues like the UEI: Graduate Recruitment Fair)
    3. c) The team has played previously within an off-season Crunch Cup affiliated league and met the eligibility for these tournaments as appropriate within the rules established for these affiliated leagues.
    4. d) The team has played in the "Crunch Them All" league. Either up to six games as a completely new team, or up to two games since their last stint in a Crunch Cup or affiliated league.

    Match arrangement:

    4) Matches are played at the rate of 1 per week. Coaches are responsible for posting in the matchmaking threads even if they make their meeting agreements elsewhere. For matches that have not been played, the commissioner(s) will be using the information found in those threads for adjudication.

    5) If the match isn't completed or registered due to computer or server failure, the game should be replayed unless the coaches come to some other agreement. If there is no time to replay the commissioner(s) should promptly be given enough information to be able to make a judgement call on how to treat the issue.
    - If a reset is needed both coaches should confirm this.
    - The replay should be tabula rasa, unless both coaches agree that some other treatment would be fairer and more correct. (This does not allow farming SPP.)


    6) A replay from the match must be uploaded to the appropriate match day, league, season and division within Blood Bowl Manager. The players agree at the end of the match who will upload. Normally this defaults to the winner, if there is a clear one.
    - After the upload has been done, a post should be made in the results reporting thread to confirm the successful ending of the game.

    Match administration:

    7) Where the result of a match is subject to administration, the only in-game results available are 2-0 or 1-1. The former gives 16 SPP and double winnings to one team and nothing to the other, and is thus only used if someone is clearly at fault. The second one splits the same SPP and winnings between both teams.
    - The league standings will be administered separately in BBM by giving out either a 3 point win to one side or a 1 point draw to both sides.

    8) If a game wasn't played to the end, the team given the loss by Cyanide will be in a worse position when it comes to adjudicating which should be the final result, if such a decision is needed.

    Rankings and Play Offs:

    9) The ranking as applied in BB Manager will be the ranking deemed applicable when needed. Tiebreaking, if needed, will be handled by the commissioner(s) on an ad-hoc basis.

    Replacement teams:

    10) Where a team leaves or is removed from the Crunch Cup, the league commissioner(s) will replace the team through any appropriate means, usually through the request for applications from the community.
    - Such replacement teams inherit the record and standings of the replaced team.

    BBM, a.k.a. Blood Bowl Manager:

    11)Blood Bowl Manager has been mentioned earlier. It is currently mandatory to use it, since it tracks standings and statistics. This thread helps explain how to use it: http://bbtactics.com/forums/blood-bowl-manager-how-do-i-get-work-t2360/

    BBATTL Affiliation:

    12) The Crunch Cup is an affiliated league within BBATTL (Blood Bowl Association of Touring Team and Leagues), teams that complete a season with Crunch Cup are eligible for participation in wider BBATTL tournaments in accordance with the entry rules set out for each tournament. For further details see www.bbattl.com
  2. Nikolai II

    Nikolai II Super Moderator Moderator

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    Crunch Cup: Bug Handling

    Core rules:

    1) Bugs, poor programming, or the client in general should not be abused.

    2) Unless both coaches agree that a bug has destroyed the game, the game should be played to the finish. It should then be noted in the problems reporting thread and the validation thread if a player thinks the bug has affected the end result significantly.

    Twelve players bug:
    (Sometimes you can end up with twelve players or more on the pitch. This is visible in the setup log, in case you missed it while setting up. If you notice it while setting up - just set one player far back in one of the wide zones, out of the way)

    3) The player owning the twelfth player should designate a player as "out of play" and move it out of the way to not obstruct the drive in process.
    - This owning coach can not designate a player that has already affected the game - used kick skill, been hit by a rock, knocked down by a pitch invasion, followed a high kick etc.
    - The owning player can not designate a player that will significantly affect his opponents first turn - standing on the LOS, or in a way that hinders access to something the opponent wants to reach during the first turn.
    - If the owning player can not designate a player (due to limitations laid out above), the opposing player gets to suggest four players (without limitations), one of which the owning player then can designate as "out of play".

    Wizard bug:
    (Activating the wizard during the "fifteen seconds" at the start of your opponents turn, but then firing it after the opponents turn has started, means he will turn over if you knock down his ballcarrier.)

    4) The player that fired the wizard should skip their next turn. The case is also possible to raise as a game-changing bug after the game is over, which might mean the in-client game result or the BBM standings result may be changed after review.
    - Yes, this is a harsh result. Coaches should know how to "unchoose" the wizard if they change their mind. (Click the wizard icons, nowhere else. Clicking anywhere else on the screen either changes nothing or fires the wizard. For questions, look in this thread: Cyanide Wizard bugs and problems (like how to change your mind)

    Bugs that are not considered to break the match

    Missing players/actions/turns
    (Sometimes you don't get to place all your players on the pitch, or won't be allowed to blitz, or your turn ends prematurely)

    5) The player suffering from this gets a free pass to curse and rant about Cyanide and sloppy programming. These things can happen to either player and neither can control it, so it is just bad luck and should be treated as part of the game. That said there are some things that can be done.
    - Premature ending of turn is caused by the hitbox for the end turn button being bigger than the button itself. Get a mod that resizes it (and moves it out of the way, like here: http://bbtactics.com/forums/how-not-misclick-end-turn-button-t1683/
    - Players missing at setup will usually have disappeared because they were selected when your setup phase started. Solutions that sometimes work are 'placing the invisible on an empty square before doing anything else' and 'using a preset formation just to get eleven players on the pitch'. Also check your own endzone, in case he's hanging around there. (And to reduce the risk of the bug happening - never click on your players during your opponents setup)
    - Not being allowed to pass, blitz, etc. Usually happens to vampires who bloodlust. Cyanide counts the action as used. When passing or handing off as vampires it is therefore allowed (and advisable) to only trace the path to the pickup or handoff/pass spot and only order the pass/handoff after you have gotten that far.

    Goblin bugs
    (Goblins have some weird programming related to them, like being allowed to throw a bomb with the bombardier even after having used the jump up skill)

    6) All goblin-specific bugs are considered goblin cheating, and are as such legal and allowed. (Still no wizard use or twelve players allowed, since those are not goblin specific. Don't push your luck. Moving the troll before trying to throw team-mate is allowed though, since vampires get to do something similar and who are we to stop you anyway.)

    Touchdown bug
    (Cyanide didn't update the touchdown rules from LRB 5 to LRB 6 when they updated the rest of the ruleset)

    7) This is a bug that's simply considered a Cyanide house rule. I.e. "notabug" as per point 5 above. It's so much easier that way. The bug is just mentioned here to make die-hard tabletop players aware of the fact.
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