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Chaos Pact Developing new Chaos Pact team

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Freeks, May 1, 2016.

  1. Freeks

    Freeks Member

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    I started this TT season with new Chaos Pact team. League has mostly bashers: Dwarfs, Chaos, Orc’s, Nurge & Norse. And three dodge teams, Dark Elf, Wood Elf and Amazons.

    I have three big guys with Guard on Troll and just chose Juggernaut for Mino. I have 2 MB, marauders and 2 guard marauders.

    One marauder is also skilled and he rolled doubles. For now i have chosen not to take Block as first skill. With MB, players skilled faster and guard is important to get 3D blocks for big guys.

    I was thinking either sidestep or wrestle. Or as more exotic: Diving Tackle. That would make it hard to dodge with AG3 player. My next game is against dwarves with +250K Tv difference. Wrestle player could get some slow dwarves down and SS might help to keep the sideline from Frenzy players. Many teams have StripBall so it would be great to have at least one sure hands player. My elf has dodge and is 1SPP from next skill. Should i wait and give SH to Elf?

    In general: Is it better to take reroll skill or +1 skill?
    I want do develop thrower/cather at somepoint and i have access to all skills, Agility. For thrower Pass or Accurate? For catcher Catch or Extra Arms? Marauders are AG3 so +1 skills would make them AG4 in those situations.

    As for inducements against Dwarves. I was thinking at least Wizard and maybe Merc.

  2. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    It depends how long your league is whether SH on the elf is a good idea or not.
    Marauders make better ballcarriers long term and the elf has animosity.
    That makes the elf better as a catcher rather than the passer.
    However if your league is only short having the AG4 running with the ball makes sense.

    I also wouldn't take sidestep on a marauder. Stand Firm is better in a lot of situations and is 10 TV cheaper.
    The only doubles worth taking are Dodge and Diving Tackle.
    If the league is long enough for him to also get block and SF then DT is a good choice but wrestle is a better short term option.

    If you go for the marauder ballcarrier route I would give him sure hands and extra arms before accurate or pass as passing should be your plan B for when the running game fails.

    +1 skills are better than rerolls if it is an important roll as you can use the team reroll for it. However for picking up the ball in the backfield SH is better as you aren't going to waste a reroll on it and it gives protection against SB.
    The reroll makles it a 1 in 9 chance of failure while the +1 makes it a 1 in 6 which you can use a reroll on to make it 1 in 36. So catching when it is a turnover with the ball in a bad spot when you fail the +1 is better.

    What are you doing with the gobbo? Horns and 2 heads to break cages or Extra Arms , Big Hand for ball retrieval and catching option. I prefer the 2nd option.
  3. cjblackburn

    cjblackburn Well-Known Member

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    SH or even SS without Block is not that great as it is too easy to just knock the player over. If you want to stick with your no block policy then wrestle would be a good choice to deal with Blodgers as well as Dwarves.

    As regards Stats v Skills in general Stats<Skills<Stats and Skills. Most people will take a useful Stat up then take the relevant reroll skill as Stat ups are not guaranteed or even likely. However each player is different so it is hard to generalise too much.

    For Pact if you want a passer it's probably better to use a marauder as they don't have Animosity and have pass access. You probably want a range of catching options so get extra arms on a couple of players. Your two players who can easily take catch probably have better skills to take.
  4. Freeks

    Freeks Member

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    I have 9 games left in the league. For now i have used Elf as BC. With AG4 he's the best to pickup the ball. Extra Arms would bee good choice for catching and picking up the ball in TZ's.

    I'll skip the double skill for now and choose either stand firm or wrestle. I would like to get marauder that has: Diving Tackle, Disturbing Presence and Pass Block. That would make him the most annoying backfield defender against Elf's :D

    Gobbo have been backup for the last turn TTM OTT. He's 1spp short from first skill and i will choose Two Heads. If gobbo survives for another skill then it's either horns or big hand.
  5. Freeks

    Freeks Member

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    Not so good season with Chaos Pact. 1 win, 3 ties and 6 losses. I finally won my first game last week against Woodies.
    My team is getting better as i have more skills now. 5 guard and 5 MB + 1 claw makes playing more fun now.

    Now i skilled another marauder for first skill. Previous Marauder got guard. Now i'm opting for Kick, Wrestle or Extra Arms. Next opponent is Lizards with 200k more TV. Maybe keep on the bash side with Wrestle :)