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DLA (Draft League Atlantic) recruiting for season 3!

Discussion in 'FUMBBL' started by Supa, May 21, 2019.

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    Hey everyone, time to activate FUMBBL thread here on BBT. :) Here's a great human only league with drafting that I've enjoyed on FUMBBL.

    Draft League Atlantic is about to close the 2nd season, and is RECRUITING for season3. The parameters:
    - Looking for most likely 2 recruits.
    - Moving fully to EU time zone (NA part died unfortunately). Likely reserve a division for nightwalkers and NA based coaches who stay.
    - 16 teams with 2 conferences and 4 divisions (4x4 structure).
    - 14 games regular season, then playoffs. (Playing division rivals twice. Playoff structure will be voted between 4,6,8.)
    - 10 days rolling deadline.
    - New recruit will get equal chances to compete right away by taking over an existing team of their choice. There are 8 teams that can be taken.
    - Fully customized rosters. Shiny icons and logos.
    - Trading players is possible, and encouraged.
    - DRAFT system! Worst select first, best selects last.
    - No inducements. Free Agent system instead to help teams with losses.
    - Every player spends max 4 seasons in the league, so parity is auto-enforced.
    - No piling on.
    - DLA Discord channel. League is managed there.

    If you are interested please contact me and or bghandras (father of DLA project, a legendary coach in FUMBBL). (Please also do so if you previously signaled interest.)

    If you read this, you are not interested, but you know someone who might, then please pass over the link, and spread the words!

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