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Dwarf Dwarf team development

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Dr SLM, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Dr SLM

    Dr SLM New Member

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    Hi there,

    I need some advice concerning my Dwarf team development (that's the one with the AG4 Runner). Here it is:

    Runner - AG4, Block
    Runner - Block
    Blitzer - Guard + NEW SKILL (NORMAL)
    2 x Troll Slayers - MB
    3 x Blockers - Guard
    2 x Blockers
    Blocker - NEW SKILL (DOUBLE)

    12 players, 3 RR, 1 Apo, 180 in cash and TV1370 (going 1420).

    I am playing in a private league. I lost my first game to Woodies (I am ashamed), and have yet to play against 2 Chaos, 1 Ogre and 1 Lizarmen teams (TV between 1200 and 1350).


    For my Blitzer (normal roll), usual advice would be MB or Stand Firm, I guess. I'm considering Strip Ball though, because nobody in the league has Sure Hands yet and nobody in my team has Strip Ball.

    For my Blocker (double roll), I am tempted by Diving tackle, but maybe, I’d rather go for Dodge as nobody in the league has tackle (at the moment). Any thoughts?


    I am saving it to replace players as needed. I don't think I will buy a deathroller in the near future, but I might buy another Blocker before the end of the season.

    Right now, I am hesitating about a new RR. I am fine with 3, but sometimes, a 4th one would have been usefull. I am a bit concerned about the TV difference though (my team already has the highest).

    Thanks for helping
  2. Gallows Bait

    Gallows Bait Super Moderator Moderator

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    Gallows Bait
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    I think your instincts are good to be honest - strip ball could well be handy early on in the league stages and dodge is a great double for keeping a blocker on his feet - combine with stand firm and guard and he is a pain to shift.

    The other thing I'd potentially consider would be sidestep, but I think dodge is probably more use.

    One more outlandish idea might be Sneaky Git - combine with Dirty Player on a normal roll and you have an excellent fouling lineman equivalent.
  3. maxcarrion

    maxcarrion Active Member

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    MB on the blitzer is an obvious choice for a reason and I think it's more useful than any of the other options. More injuries, better numberical advantage

    Diving Tackle is amazingly good on blockers, far more useful than dodge and makes for a great marker, adding Stand Firm as the next level up makes it even better. Bring the opponents mobilty down to your level and see how they get on then :p
  4. Strobinator

    Strobinator Member

    St. Paul, MN
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    I took strip ball on a blitzer in a league playing a dwarf team recently. I regretted the decision. I did not get a ton of use out of it. Because blitzers are still slow players, you usually do not get a chance to choose who you are going to execute the hit with. Furthermore, their low agility and speed means they cannot capitalize on loose balls as well as other teams.

    Mighty blow and stand firm are good options. I would not overlook guard. It is a phenomenal skill and in my experience a dwarf team will feel weak if they do not take enough of it. My dwarf team in the league got a lot of doubles and stat increases - which are certainly nice but I was hurting for lack of guard in some of my matches.
  5. Murkglow

    Murkglow Member

    I don't like Strip Ball at the best of times and a Dwarven Blitzer is no Wardancer, I would have to go Mighty Blow or Stand Firm on the Blitzer.

    As for your Blocker Dodge isn't a bad pick at all so if you really want it that's cool. Likewise Diving Tackle is great. Then again the thing about dwarves is you really don't need Doubles on your base guys. Picking up Guard is boring and a waste of a double but might very well win you more games.
  6. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

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    A blocker with diving tackle is a nightmare against elfs on LOS
  7. maxcarrion

    maxcarrion Active Member

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    I've said it once but I'll gladly say it again and again, blockers get diving tackle on a double. Short of them already having it or every other blocker having it. I have only managed to get it once on each of my open dwarves and my CCII dwarves but it's one of the best skill picks I ever took, when you blitz a corner this is the dwarf you use to mark the ball carrier, he's the dwarf that marks the pro elf catcher that runs deep, he's the guy who pesters the war dancers (with a little help) he makes Amazons cry and gutter runners die. he's the answer to "how do I block 2 AV7 players a turn" and "how do I stop them just dodging away and scoring" Sure, on a runner you'd take dodge, on a blitzer you'd take dodge, on a troll slayer maybe side step, but on a blocker it's diving tackle, no doubt, in a heartbeat one of the best players I've used was the DT + stand firm longbeard.
  8. John McGuirk

    John McGuirk Well-Known Member

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    Seconding Max's suggestion of Diving Tackle for Longbeards, 100%. It combos well with Tackle and Block (and even better with Stand Firm). Turns em into markers from hell.