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Dwarf Dwarf Trollslayer with 2nd double

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Moguai, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Moguai

    Moguai Member

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    Hi all,

    So after trying my hands at humans and orcs I decided to try another bashy team for this season and ended up with dwarfs.

    Everything is going fine so far, since my friends nearly all opted to play agility teams.
    A choice they really have come to regret with all the tackle I am throwing around.

    Anyhow one of my Trollslayers has just gotten his 2nd skill and it is a double roll like the first one. This first one I used to give him dodge in order to keep him upright. The added bonus with this roll is that it was double 5's so I can choose between MV/AV+ or something else.
    Personally I was thinking about giving him Side Step just to annoy my opponents.

    But I am open to suggestions, no matter how wacky, because I think this guy might be the most strange slayer I have met yet.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    You really should post the whole team roster as that is an important thing to consider, also what other teams you are up against.

    That being said if you are going to use the double then Side Step is really good for them. Bear in mind that they can get Stand Firm on a normal roll instead and extra movement is nice to have on a Dwarf team.
  3. Moguai

    Moguai Member

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    Oh,sorry clean forgot about that.

    Ok here is my roster so far:

    Blitzer: Guard,Dodge
    Blitzer: Guard
    Slayer: Mighty Blow
    Slayer: Dodge and ?
    Runner: Block, Fend
    Runner: Block, Kick
    3 Longbeards with Guard
    Rest is unskilled

    As I said my friends have opted to play agility, so I am facing Elfs in all colours of the rainbow, 2 Skaven teams and 1 Gobbo team. The only other 2 bashers are Undead and Orc which I will be facing late in the season.
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  4. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I think I would perhaps take the movement, though I'm not overly convinced by any of the options over the other choices.
  5. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

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    I think +MA would be the best pick. It is horrible to play against fast dwarfs. Otherwise I would take a normal skill and since you have plenty guardsmen I would go for Mighty Blow or stand firm.
  6. maxcarrion

    maxcarrion Active Member

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    There’s a couple of very interesting choices that could frustrate your opponents. Since you have an agility heavy league (and even Orcs can get dodgy) then you could have some real fun with Diving tackle, get Stand Firm after that to stop the push away and you have a pretty evil marker, top it off with tackle if the league goes on that long, that’s what I’d go with

    Another possibility though is jump up but I’d say that was more for the bashy leagues where you can hit someone who knocked you down and not as good against agility teams.

    Beyond that it’s either an MA, sidestep taking the place of stand firm or I’d just take the normal build options (Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm etc.)
  7. Zweistein

    Zweistein Member

    i think +Ma is the best you can get.
    the faster the dwarfs are the meaner for all the agi-teams ... because they can't outrun you so easy, or the slayer is still in striking position for hits they dont expect.
    sidestep or jump up are tempting too, but +Ma is better i'd say.
  8. VoidSeer

    VoidSeer Member

    I'd take the +MA as well. Or, I'd give him Jump Up in the idea of taking Piling on as the next skill.
  9. Thick Skull

    Thick Skull New Member

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    For what it's worth, I'd def go with +MA. If you were in a more bashy league, I think +AV might have been justified but you'll undoubtedly appreciate a mobile frenzy player covering the back field a bit more. I'd imagine you'll get fewer lone runners because of the threat he could pose.