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FAT BASTARDS Human Team by Franarcilla - PRE-ORDER Now!!!

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Comixininos, Mar 3, 2020.

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    FAT BASTARDS 3D Human Team by Franarcilla

    Once open a time, around the year 2014, Franarcilla sculpted a Human Team called "Fat Bastards". They are a bunch of veteran players, some of overweight, most of them with niggling injuries... But they still love this game!!! And they just can't quit playing!!! Would you like to be their new Coach???

    Franarcilla is the acclaimed sculptor of several of the Meiko Miniatures Teams: Evil Dwarf Team, Rotten Team, Evil Pact Team (Chaos Renegades), Orc Team, Goblin Team, Wood Elf Team and the Ogre Team, just to mention some of them. The Fat Bastards are the first 3D Team sculpted by Franarcilla. And probably not the last one...


    We’ve got great news for you...

    The Pre-Order of the Fat Bastards Human Team is already active!!!

    Important: this is a PRE-ORDER for this Team, which at this moment has been fully designed but is still under manufacturing process. The Retail Price of this Team will be 74.95 EUR. Instead, making a pre-order you can get it now for just 49.95 EUR. We do not have this item in stock, but you can include it in your shopping cart if you wish. Shipment of this Team will be made along May 2020, once the manufacturing process will be finished.

    You can include other items in your shopping cart if you wish. In that case, we will make 2 shipments. The First Shipment will include all the other items and will be made along the following 72 working hours after receipt of the order. The Second Shipment will be made along May 2020 and will only include the Fat Bastards Human Team of 14 Players. And the 2 Set of additional Catchers if you also pre-order them.

    Please note that if you wish you can complete the full roster of this Team adding the Set of 2 additional Catchers, also available at our store under Pre-Order. These two Catchers are the same ones that are included in the Fat Bastards Human Team of 14 Players. The Set of 2 additional Catchers will be also shipped along May 2020, once the manufacturing process will be finished.


    Fat Bastards Human Team (please note that one of the Catchers is missing, that is why the picture only shows 13 Players)

    Team of 14 Fantasy Football Miniatures sculpted by Franarcilla and made by Meiko Miniatures. Made with resin. The figures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Thirteen 32 mm round bases and one 40 mm round base included.

    Players included in the team:
    4 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Catchers, 5 Linemen and 1 Ogre. None of them is repeated, they're all different from each other!


    2 Catchers: please note that both Catchers are included in this Team. The Catcher on the left is also included, although it's not shown on the 1st image


    4 Blitzers


    2 Throwers


    5 Linemen



    Ogre (from 2 different angles)

    >> You can pre-order here the Fat Bastards Human Team:


    >> You can pre-order here the Set of 2 additional Catchers:


    The last day to make a Pre-order of this Team is March 31st 2020 (31/03/20).

    Happy Pre-Ordering! Thanks for your support!!! :D :D :D