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Gobbo Science Society

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by Captain Thorrek, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Captain Thorrek

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    ... ..**.***..

    ..**ait*..*go*... *ing**..

    .**old on *..*econd! Wait, it looks like we**.... ***ep holding the zotty, metal poles! I don't care if it hurts, we're getting reception. Wow... look at all the coaches..

    Hello, we are the Gobbo Science society. We come to prove the power of Gobbo Science to the Old World and beyond. Gobbo Science is the wave of the future, not a fad like some Chaos Worshippers will tell you. With gobbo science, you know nothing can go wrong.

    <<Stop screaming!>> Sorry Coaches and don't mind him, he's just an intern. As for me, I'm Coach "Dangly" Whazzits, formerly of the Gobbo Mekkaniks' Gild. Dealling in mekkaniks, opened my eyes to the wonders of Gobbo Science, a new growth industry! Working with explosive chemicals is a relaxing pastime, and unstable mutants make great pets for the kids. Gobbo Science is here, for you.

    Hold on a second... <<what paper? Whaddya mean I have to read this? I already got my lab coat, what do I need a law suit for? Fine, fine... it's just a little heat, stop your fussing... we got company.>> Interns... okay.


    Gobbo Science isn't for everyone. Don't partake in Gobbo Science if you're nursing, pregnant, may become pregnant, or might see a pregnant woman at least once in your life. Side effects include: dizziness; nausea; headaches; and being eaten by the mutated horror you inflicted upon the world... most symptoms were mild or moderate. If your head explodes, talk to your Apothecary as this may be signs of a rare, but serious, reaction. Do not operate heavy machinery if you become partially liquified.

    <<Happy now?>> Well, looking forward to seeing you on the pitch, and showing you the marvels of Gobbo Science!

    ... something burning?....

    Hobgoblins: 5 (Coach Dangly Whazzits and four Interns, various night gobbos and a Reaper Mini conversion)
    Chaos Dwarf Blockers: 4 (Experisquigs 001-004, represented by squigs/hoppers)
    Bull Centaurs: 2 (Melvin and William, represented by Reaper Brain Horrors)
    3 Rerolls
    Apothecary/Concession Stand Attendant