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Graduate Recruitment Fair - Divisions

Discussion in 'Crunch Cup' started by Gallows Bait, Aug 20, 2012.

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    Yes, friends, comrades, fellow forumites, its time for something a little different.

    So of course, what else can UEI do but recruit, and how better to pick the best of the recruits than with - a Blood Bowl tournament. And so, I present to you:

    UEI: Graduate Recruitment Fair

    The teams are as simple as can be.

    1. All teams are rookie teams, no previous games played.
    2. All teams are Goblins.
    3. All teams may only take the following players: 0-2 Trolls, 0-1 Pogoer, 0-16 Goblins.

    No secret weapons may be taken on the roster, no star players or secret weapons may be induced.

    These are the plucky Gobbos and Trolls looking to join the UEI, not the hardened crazy professionals, if that term may be loosely applied, of the normal Blood Bowl leagues.

    The league has been created in game, search for UEI: Graduate Recruitment Fair

    All teams must comply with the above rules or will not be accepted. Password for entry is underworld

    The cup will be divided into 2 divisions of 6 teams with each team playing 5 games in the group stages, before the top 2 teams go through to the play off stages.

    Divisions are as follows:


    Please note the League will be run in line with the rules as set out under Crunch Cup IX (please see CCIX rules thread), with the exception of the entry requirement restrictions as above.

    Let the games begin!
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