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Harkon not Roxanna ?

Discussion in 'NAF Resurrection Tournament Tactics' started by Athanatos, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    I would probably still take the runner. That extra move is nice on occasion and means all you block pieces can block or blitz rather than be stuck carrying the ball.
  2. danton

    danton Well-Known Member

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    Agree. The runner is important on offense for ball carrying duties, so the rest of the positionals are free to do other things. Dump off can also be situationally useful as a safety valve if things go badly.

    I would much rather have the runner instead of another lino. A lot of tournaments let tier 1 teams have 6 skills these days, which would let you put Dodge on all 3 blitzers and the runner too, which makes this build even better for those rules.
  3. Athanatos

    Athanatos Member

    No longer near Stamford
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    Thanks for all your help!

    Went to the tournament last weekend. Good fun three games even though it was 2 draws and a loss.

    First game was against Khemri. Drew 0-0 after a tense game with a lot of ebb and flow but no scores. Lost the cas battle 2-4 and also had my only attempt at a foul sent off. Wasted the Apothecary by applying it to an injury not a BH. Learnt my lesson!

    Second game was against Chaos Chosen. Again drew, but this time 1-1, though naturally was more players down than him despite surfing one of his beastmen with the Block witch whilst she Blitzed after catching the ball (it removed the only close enough threat and started just too far away from the end zone to score even with GFIs. Nearly held out for a 1-0 win but he scored on the last turn.

    Last game was against Goblins. First half started in a blizzard and with a pitch invasion which, despite having +2 Fame only stunned 4 of his players (and not even the ball and a chain) to 4 of mine. Nuffle was obviously in a mood as his two Trolls rolled Really Stupid several times and Bonehead was rolled 6 times (Stranglebowl has a unique Star Player, The Champ, who has that negatrait as well as a custom skill ‘Strangle’ essentially like Stab with Might Blow; The Champ plays a half for each team) I received first for the third time (without having to make the choice so had The Champ as an extra player for the first half each game, which allowed me to put the Runner in reserves for the first defence) and despite losing players to the looney went into half time 1-0 up. Second half I was well, and truly ‘bombed’ with his Hail Mary explosives doing considerable damage and freeing the ball more than once. Towards the end the Bomber even Hail Maryed the ball resulting a turn later in a second TD so I lost 2-1.

    Cheers, David
  4. Borke

    Borke Well-Known Member

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    That sounds like a proper dicing!

    Glad to hear it was a fun tournament :)